The Great Debaters - Movie Review

If you are wondering why such an old movie ? The answer is simple, I saw it recently ;)

Are you a fan of Denzel Washington? If Yes, you ought to watch this one, The great debater would strengthen you claims of him being a flawless actor. If Not, you ought to see how he is undoubtedly an actor who can pick off any role and draw magic with a finesse. No matter how sublime or overtly powerful the role is, Mr. Washington does not fail to amaze his fans.

As far as the cast is concerned , its chosen with a touch of perfection. Whether its Henry Lowe (Nate Parker) with his rugged charm or Samantha Brooke (Jurnee Smollett) with an awe-inspiring elegance, all character take the story to a defined destination. The story leaves you with how in reality a team of debater can influence an entire society and play their part in an immensely intriguing way.

Majority doesn't decide what is right or wrong, one's conscience does. - Samantha Brooke

With powerful dialogues , a gripping screenplay and a bunch of polished actor. The story unfold where Henry Lowe is sitting inside a seedy bar trying to gather female attention. He lands up in a fight with one of the girl's husband- much to his disgust but is rescued by Melvin Tolson. Lowe is well versed with profound literary creation which is evidently showcased in the opening scenes. 

The following morning he is awaken with a shock in his class where Melvin B. Tolson (Denzel Washington) lands in as one of the professors at the predominantly black Wiley College. 

Melvin decides to forgo his search for a debate team which is administered with despair by his fellow colleagues. With much resistance he is successful in choosing four powerful debaters from the class who aim to smash all records , thus putting African American as a contender.

After some invincible wins they are invited by the prestigious Harvard University to challenge their debate team. The events are based on true happenings and the way the script is penned down is sublimity at its best. All characters even for a fraction does not fall short of persuading your inner instincts. 
The motive of movies like The Great Debaters, Freedom Writers, Lean on Me is to portray and spread an unending plight of black in the initial period. Feelings full of disgust , people who loath them just because of their being black is strongly condemned because it is your acts who should define your true worth rather than the outer decisive image. The movie showcases not only day to day humiliation but also lynching in one of his scenes which leaves everyone disturbed.

The team goes on to win their toughest and the most distinguished Harvard Debate and are tagged as un-precedented . The story later reveals that 10 teams after the winning of the very first time took the world by storm , winning almost every event they vouched for. Dr James Farmer Sr. (Forest Whitaker ) portrays an influential educationist and the father of one of the debaters . He is shown to transform from a restricted/ reserved man to being a strong willed father. The events which compel him to shed his solidarity is due to the emotional strength his son exhibit by supporting Melvin in his rebellious acts of fighting for the community. Melvin Thomson is referred as a radical , not keeping in terms with the situation vying for more rights of their own. Melvin is concerned about the circumstances that surround African American and is twice arrested just to be freed on being threatened by James Farmer. 

The frequent usage of "An unjust law is no law at all." shows how restricted the society was in the 30's. With some breathtaking visuals and spectacular acting this movie is bound to take you by storm.

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