The Playlist : A Musical Co-incidence

Me: Yeah I went there while touring with seniors but haven't got a chance to practice there. Woow so you wake up so early to practice? I clearly sounded dumbstruck :)

Him: Yeah it’s been a habit now since so many years that's why had to find a place.
So what else do you like to listen. Any new additions after meeting some cool profs here? Can i see your playlist??

**Now that was quite open**

Me: "Umm yeah you can" ,though I was taken aback at him asking to see my playlist. Who does that really and that too in the very first meeting.

Hence I had to hand him my phone with my 8 playlists of contemporary, classical , rock and instrumentals in there.

After over two minutes I saw his eyes widening as if he has found a treasure trove.

 Me: What happened I know my taste in music is not that conventional but I like listening to my kinda a music and not following whats in the pop charts these days.

He interrupts me and says:"Our kind of music"

I breathe and say "What?" Our kind of music?

He opens up his phone and places it on my desk revealing his own playlist. I try going past some of the songs for a while and then I am just hooked
 * How is this even possible*
2348 songs and that too the exact same. I didn’t saw the entire list but whatever I have seen so far is an exact replica of my playlist.
There are Ghazals from Ghulam Ali and Jagjit Ji. There are old classical and some numbers from Abba. A twist of them from some recent rock bands and some popular violin instruments from the Bach.
The one I played on the day of my audition is also there. I can’t believe my eyes
I just put his phone down and face him with a host lot of confusion in my mind.

I dont know if its right to ask but its not practically feasible to have the exact same amount of songs the same numbers in two playlists when both if them belong to particular strangers.

**Or is it possible**

He was staring at phone with no expression on his face.
I must say he was so damn handsome and looked innocent with those lost eyes at that very moment. He stood up shook hands with me and said will see you tomorrow.

Him : Nice stumbling across your playlist Riya. I never thought it could ever happen.
And without even hearing what I was feeling he left my sight.

So what does this playlist thing has to do with their destiny. Would they be best friends now sharing their immense love of music?

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