Significance of Music in my Life

Being from an academic family one might think that I have no inclination towards music. But the consensus would be proved wrong as all my family members are music fanatics. My father is a big fan of Kishore Da and almost every evening when we are together ( all four of us ) we play old classics sung by Kishore Kumar. I remember all lyrics of almost 95% of the songs sung by him. Me and my brother had almost nothing in common when it comes to music, he is a fan of Pink Floyd and Punjabi versions whereas I like classics ( like my father), new singers (as I am a big Bollywood fan) from today's times. Also I am not in love with Punjabi songs but could sing almost all songs as my brother make me listen to them quite often, almost on every weekends when I am at home :). Hence music has a core significance on every thing I do. I have songs for every situation on my playlist. In fact I gorge on playlist with mood names, so if I am travelling I have different set of songs. If I am at home after a hard day work and I want to listen something light I prefer another list, if after the same day I want to listen something high-in pitch I listen to the other list. So I keep categorizing songs according to my moods and it really helps me as I need not search for songs every now and then. 
Even for meditation I have some beautiful instrumental music which relaxes my inner soul and help me concentrate. I like songs which possess good lyrics, have a good music and which can be heard even oh high decibels - so that means even on speakers ;) So with head phone on I could roam around any where with a smile in my heart. Old albums from singers like Sonu Nigam, Udit Narayan , Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik. I could hear to every songs , every moment of my life if given a chance. Though in today's hectic schedule we rarely get a chance to indulge in music , that's a reason I never miss a chance. My job involves some constant conscious decisions and I don't have the liberty to listen to music of any kind in those eleven hours.  
My current top three songs are from the movie : "Hamari Adhuri Kahani" starting Emraan Hashmi & Vidya Balan. Though I did not like the movie the songs are breathtakingly beautiful. The singers are new and vibrant, the music is awesome. Hasi : Male version sung by  Ami Mishra, Yeh Kaisi Jagah Le Aaaye ho Tum : Sung by Deepali Sathe and Humanava sung by Papon. These are personal favorite and I go back to Pune when ever I listen to these songs with closed eyes. 
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