Navigation : The New Breathe to Life

Making the world go small with the powers in your hand. That's what Navigation does to you. Both in-built automotive navigation and in GPS (global positioning system) enabled devices like your mobile phone help unravel and give you the power to rule the road at your senses. Pages of life with your travel experience could be shared with the world over some written memoirs but what if you do not possess a hand-held device, ready to use platform to unravel the mysterious paths. Navigation has some cool new features that help make your vehicle safe and convenient.

When you leave your car un-attended and there is any kind of theft the GPS helps you locate the vehicle even after you have lost track of it. It store a unique number with every device and with another linked device you can easily locate it with the help of a service provider or the police in cases of critical theft.

For women who are travelling alone, its best to have a GPS enabled device or one fitted in your car. This would not only safeguard you from possible threats as to one's travelling experience is enriched with the thought of going safe all the time. If you with a group of friends but still don't know where the road would end its better to check rather than landing somewhere isolated and locked in an unwanted company. Especially for long road trips Navigation is a bliss. It helps ensure that you travel with all chords attached, you can even send your present location to your family or friends at the click of a button in times of crisis or if you are stuck in an unwanted event. Being automated and assured by advanced technology has both its pros and cons, it not only provides you with the freedom of being where you want to be but also a clause of safety attached with it. It not only bring a liberal soul which wants to navigate and move in un attended destinies but also helps you find them with the least possible diversions.

Some of my friends went to a road trip to Mount Abu when I was studying in Gujarat and they were stuck in a trail, they haven't switched on the in-built navigation system in the car and were relying on a friend who thought he knew the entire path and would need no help. After some 200 kilo meter they did not know where they should be heading or calling for some help. They tried asking people nearby and most of them did not had a fair clue as to which direction they should go. They were pissed off at the friend but in the end navigation helped them sail through their destination without any further hassle. 
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