Music Therapy : A Genius in Disguise

Music revels a sense of relied to the soul. I would share a small story here where music unraveled a whole new world full of health and positive energy in an old man's life.

Their was this old man who was very ill, he had a sever attack of paralysis some 10 years back and was bed-ridden ever since. His wife and two daughters were very caring and supported him in all his tasks. They provided him with utmost attention and heard to his complains and ordeal at the end of the day with a smile on his face. One of his daughters was a classical Bharatnatyam dancer and she use to teach students coming from the vicinity every evening in the garage which was used as a store room by the family. Their were small girls coming and having fun while learning from their teacher, Nandini. Nandini was a beautiful soul, she was a good-natured, simple yet a very dynamic person.

She has graced many events with her performance and she loved teaching and garnering her love of Bharatnatyam with more and more people. She was an MBA and was doing a well paying job in an Multi National Company but even the hard-day work could not help diminish her passion for dance. She use to practice in the evening while making it easy for her disciples to learn the intricacies involved in the beautiful carnage of classical music. Mayyapa ( the old man ) has become really frustrated  for the last one year because of his illness. He use to complain all the time, raise his voice to shoo away the kids away who sometimes came in the house for a refreshing drink in the evenings.

There was this particular girl named "Maya" who had this unique habit of touching Mayyapa feet every day as she entered the house. Mayyapa used to feel a bit relaxed when she was around. She saw little Nandini in Maya. He use to miss those moments when Nandini after her school danced in front of her father and showed him what she learnt in Bharatnatyam. Mayyapa would clap and hold the adorable little Nandini feeling proud as a father.

One day Mayyapa asked Maya to sing him one of the Adavus (the first one) to him and dance if she want to show him what she has learnt so far. Maya respected Mayyapa very much and treated her like his own father. She did as told and this became a daily process. After a month one day Maya and some of her friends were playing in the front yard when Maya fell on teh ground, she was bleeding profusely. Mayyapa was watching the kids play from his window. He suddenly ran towards the front end and held Maya in his arms. He brought the kid inside and called fr his wife from the kitchen. After 15 minutes of first aid Maya was feeling well now. But this incident brought life to a paralyzed soul. Something was to be thanked and that was Music and the love for the people around you. Hope you liked the story

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