Impact of physical fitness on my life

Exercising and following a strict diet is very crucial in today's time. Our stable yet suffocating lifestyle which starts from home ends through office hours leave less time and relatively less energy to indulge in any kind of heavy physical activity. The leisure of enjoying fresh air is gone taken away by the time which allowed us to do the same as the previous generations enjoyed. Intake of fresh oxygen is overtaken by the smoky and polluted air when we fight to reach office on time amidst heavy rush hour traffic. Physical fitness has now taken new forms of activity, Yoga classes, aerobics, Zumba and Gyming.
Though it means that you are involved in exercises that would pump up the oxygen level and your active muscle cells as well, at the least it signifies much less than what we can achieve with our monotonous work life. Balancing out work, personal and physical life it leaves us some cautious minutes to try and figure out how we can remain much more active by giving time to both our time and body.
The impact which exercise has on our metabolism is immense. You can not rule out the significance of a healthy diet with the same. Exercising and eating junk would not possess the job even half done. You would detroit your body if you are practicing such habits. The impact would be fatal and beyond repair if we do not take care and watch what we eat.  
Also meditating for an active and stress free mind is critical as a practice these days. We do refrain from meditating because the actual art is not practice in all its might. You need not focus anywhere or make your mind free of any thoughts, its a natural form in which you practice conscious sleep, that is you just need to be sit still in the said posture and inhale some fresh air with eyes closed. Yoga, Pranayam can be done before practicing meditation so as to relax tensed brain muscles. It also helps restrain your mind from previous thoughts as you focus on your breath for a significant amount of time. 
"Love thy body an love thy mind with meditation"
It not only ensures concentration with utmost supervision but also a relaxed muscle which helps built and take you away from any form of stress that is lingering up on your brain, making it less flexible to changes and  pressure. A status quotient these days is when you do something just for the sake of it just because your friends might be following a set rule. Every kind of activity whether its's yoga, meditation, pranayam or heavy muscle workout is just to make your body free from accumulated fat, enhancing metabolic strength and making to feel liberalized as a human. So happy exercising folks !
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  1. I've started working out from Jan 1st. But sorry, I can't stick on strict diet ;)

    Village Girl


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