Impact of Jatt Andolan

With the recent agitation by jatt's in Haryana over their claim on reservation it severely impact the peace of a nation. The agitation if expressed peacefully could bring about a point in front of the government but losing out on the prosperity of the nation and making your point brought out may not only hamper peace but precious lives are also lost. I personally feel that the impact would be detrimental with a lot of innocent lives lost in the last three days. 
An agitation and peaceful way of expressing concern over a topic is allowed but gradually when the same becomes and possess a sense of violent back drop it becomes hazardous for the population and the culture as a whole. The recent Jatt agitation in Haryana where CRPF, Border Security Force being present for a safer environment to help safeguard the common public which are not indulging in any violent practice I feel that any agitation should not take the shape this ugly. We have seen a lot of incidents where communities disrupt actual peace and not only entail a violent environment but themselves fall prey to people and political forces thus running their vote bank politics and not respecting common man life's at any instance possible. They are just mad about power and stuff that they have control over. 
Communities are innocent they don't know how to tackle a situation this big but by passing o ill-logical remarks I don't see them to calm down. They would be much more violent if some one pass a derogatory remark against them at a point like this. As far as the motive is concerned I don't see anything where being violent would help them. Lives being taken among fights, loss of some crores of public property and making that loss account for other people is no way one can justify a calling. If you want something demand the same peacefully, setting fire to cars, buses and public property would not help any way, hitting on to public servants would not help but would rather call for actions from the authorities. I seriously am of the view that any agitation should be only done in a context where a point could be heard and then taken a conclusion for. Involving in tasks like hampering common office flow, disrupting routine would disturb a lot of people without any reason because you are asking the government of your demands and the common man can not help you out there. So peaceful agitation is something which need to set the norm. Public property is built up of hard earned money which we pay via taxes and hence its a deterioration of money and resources causing un-necessary angst in the heart of common public. 
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