Impact of Hard Work on your life

"The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand." - Vince Lombardi  
I still remember November 2014 when my placement season has just started and I wanted to make it to the very first company that came on campus. It was offering a hefty package and I wanted to be in marketing though I had some much aversion from the field that I can express. I always had this inclination towards Finance and I wanted to do something in it sooner or later. But my ideas were wrong and hence at the very start I did not get what I prayed for almost daily. I cringed at the thought of landing up a job I wasn't going to like in the long run, but somehow I convinced myself that at this point this is what is right. I was extremely good at finance because I liked the very thought of being into equity research and the likes. 
I wanted to make a mark but with the current profile I was doomed badly. I tried searching for other opportunities with some really brain storming interviews and people asking some three years of experience to say the least for almost any profile I stumbled across in those times. So once I made up my mind that I am not gonna settle for this I started working really hard every day. 
So I use to come from office and after dinner studied for at least three- four hours unless I had no energy left. I studied stuff that I wasn't good at, I made notes started understanding accounts much more ( as I am from an Engineering background, accounts doesn't come to me naturally ). I started appearing for more and more interviews and then finally I got in one of the best profiles a person from Finance can ask for. I was finally into equity research and that too with one of the best investment banks in the world. So if I had lost the hope that I could have done and come so far, or if I wouldn't  have knocked my days in books, never committed to do such hard work, practice till the wee hours at night, exercised my mind with what I was expected to too I would still be sitting in that office cabin not liking my job. With the profile I am not only earning good, I feel satisfied with each day's learning, whatever I do is what I love and that's what matters in the end, doesn't it. But I am very clear with one thing, the impact my hard work had on my careers with God's grace could not be matched with any other blessing so far. So I tried my best and then I got what I desired. Off with another dream now :) ;)
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