Impact of a Car Accident on Human Life

Ever wondered what marks an injury or an accident could cause to a family. There are news items highlighting random incidents as to how a small child was mercilessly killed in a car accident or a young lady tramped over by a vehicle. What after that ? What happens to the family ? What if the lady has a small kid who has lost his mother forever, what about the parents who lost their toddler at such a young age because of someone's rash driving. These are the questions which every one needs to ask and answer them for the sake of someone' else family.

If parents ensure that their kid should never drink or drive, they might be able to save someone's else beloved. Also the irony of killing someone and then fighting for your own's life in a court would justify the situation one has brought the other family in. I would not name a celebrity who lost her only son in a car accident, it wasn't his fault but of another car which was driven by a rich brat who was practically in no state to drive after galloping immense alcohol.

Their are incidents in my personal family as well where one of my uncles was completely paralyzed at a very young age when a car crushed both his legs while he was waiting for a bus. India is one of the few countries with incidents of car accidents reaching impossible numbers. Where rash driving can be seen in busy traffic laden roads, where the possibility of a poor human is nothing more than a few bucks. But let us all stop here and mention the fact that life can not be ever compared with money, no matter how materialistic gains you could empower the family with, the reality of a person being gone is un-matched. The impact which an accident causes a family is beyond mending.

A member who would never come back because of someone's else mistake is something that is not accepted. Something which is so grave yet people are helping rise the number is cases bring us a picture that no matter how much we educate the youth they are still oblivious with the life of a human. If the same situation happen with our own family we tend to preach and fight but for other we provide with least help.

Recently a person in Bangalore after giving vote was crushed by a lorry driver and his body was cut into half. Standing by the people who passes paid the least attention to him and instead of him being brought to the nearest hospital he was left their unattended for an hour. Now how less we can lie for this unflinching incident where the victim is not even realized of any help. I just wanted to share my agony here. I hope for any body reading the post, some sort of change would be brought.

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