Impact for a lifetime

The last week has been awesomely cool and engaging with my Convocation lined up on 6th March the news has me grilling & chirpy last week. From booking tickets to making plans with friends I loved every bit of last week. The news was awaited for so long as I would be receiving my MBA degree from some of the finest people in the industry. We had Mr.Modi, Mukesh Ambani and BP's chairman Bob Dudley at the last convocation and was expecting some renowned names this year as well. But Anandi Behen, Gujarat's current CM would be coming to grace the event. It's an event one waits for a lifetime and relive last college moments once again. With my lush green campus in sights, lovely friends and juniors I am counting every day now. We would be wearing sarees and enjoying every bit some best known names in the sector , Vice Presidents and CEO's from diverse backgrounds to interact with us students. I am working currently for an investment bank I love every part of my job. But last year I was in February I was cribbing a hell lot just because I wasn't happy with the profile I was placed in but somethings have an impact of a lifetime. No matter I cribbed and cringed at the very thought o moving to a new city with no clue about I made my way up the ladder with God's grace and honed skills which I thought I lagged in. I am extremely happy with the full circle I have come in, I respect my choices, my decisions and that's a strong Impact that transition does to your life. You may be disappointed at some instances but life takes you with severe hits, carves you for whatever you wished for and then gifts that to you. But the journey is what matters the most. I made some great friends over the course of last year and landed up in a job of my interest that too in my hometown. 
The intricacies which we tend to miss are loving every instance of our lives, seeking the next moments which might bring golden opportunities for us and garnish our world with memories and cherish-able moments. Things happen for a reason and as a human you need to understand that their is a learning hidden somewhere in hard times. One need to pin-point and love those hard times as well. Gauge who stands with you in those times and support your dreams, how your family helps you bug up with every step lost. Friends that were there when you needed them and helps and provides a thrust for your success who are happy when you get what you thrived for. So that was my journey, an Impact which helped me accept a lot of crucial stuff which I was unaware of.

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