Fantastico Trip to Mc Leodganj

Last year in December me and my family went to this beautiful place located above Himachal Pradesh. It's a beautiful hill station as a sub urban of Dharamshala and the district of Kangra. It's at an elevation of 2082 meters. This serene breathtakingly beautiful hill station is so beautiful and lovely that once you visit it you would crave to go to this place again and again. It took us some eleven hours to travel through the bus after crossing Chandigarh. 

But once you reach this place unlike any other hill station you would be won by the immense beauty it bestow, its full off some innocent looking people and water so pure coming directly through the Himalayas. Like most of the hill station their would be abrupt light drizzle to welcome you at every juncture of your stay here. I preferred the delicious Rajma Chawal that one of my friend told me to have here. There was this amazing dhaba in a low rise valley surrounding our hotel where we had the Rajma Chawal almost daily as one of our meals. 
Himachal as a state is quite peaceful with helpful and cute innocent people doing their daily chores and a lot of places that attract tourists in all seasons. No matter you can grace this place in summers and fill your winter morning with a hot cup of coffee enjoying snow clad mountains. 

The beauty is there in all seasons and you can plan a fantastico trip all year round at any time you wish to. Also for tourists planning a trip sometime soon its okay but for those of you who plan to pay a visit near winters please be cautious of land-slides that might happen somewhere at the start of December. As the valley stands just surrounded by the Himalayas I think that a lot of view would like to check for reports by the weather department rather than being stuck in the course of your journey. Mcleodganj is an awesome place with big Yaks to welcome you and fat white rabbits to play with you when you travel in the busy roads. I simply loved every part of my stay in Mcleodganj and would love to visit again sometime soon. 
Their are a lot of temples in the valley and you should visit the top three one's if you want to see the architecture and the beauty that the religious places have to offer to your soul. After paying a visit your soul would be thoroughly refreshed and you would beautifully fall in love with how the food, people and eternity treat you in this pleasant old valley. I have been to a lot of hill stations and I personally feel this is trip has been the best one so far. I cherish every moment I had here .  

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