Fantastico Apps+Features on Itunes

Itunes for Apple users is a bliss. You get some high end apps and games with beautiful animation specially for Apple users. I have been an apple user for the last two years and I can proudly say that the experience has been lovely so far. The apps ranging from Finance, Books, Business, Education, Entertainment, Games, Lifestyle, Kids, Magazines and Newspaper, Medical, Music, Navigation, Photo- Video, Shopping, Social Networking, Sports, Travel, Weather has it all. You name it and their would be an app somewhere to cater to your needs. Today I would mention some relatively good functionalities in the Apple Iphone. 
  1. Siri : We all know about this pretty intelligent remarks of Artificial intelligence with whom you can complete almost 60% of the things that you would require on a daily basis. Whether you need to set an alarm, post a reminder, search something over the net, need to know the song whose lyrics you could not remember, everything and any thing could be done with this amazing feature. Even if you are ideal and want to talk to someone in isolation this would help you out. 
  2. Economic Times : I have used Samsung phones before switching in to apple, but this app has changed for the good and transitioned itself unbelievably from Samsung to the Apple. The interface is much more smooth, the tabs are easy to locate and you can save a lot of news highlights for future reference on the go.
  3. Instagram : In love with this app, we all know that this app is made for mobile users and Apple wins every function in it hands down. Its easy to navigate, use and convenient, the speed suppose some cool features especially for Apple users.
  4. Netflix : A smooth version for people who like gorging on some cool stuff from the telecast ed  shows from the west. No interruptions for paid version but yes its pretty new to India so there would be some scope of improvement as we explore it more.
  5. You Cam Perfect : Perfect as it may sound, you can make your selfies and pictures beautiful in just one swipe. With amazing features one can add some much needed oomph in those random boring clicks. Whether you want to enhance that smile, or want to add some blush to your cheeks this app is at your disposal 24*7. 
This is it. I know the post highlight some basic features of the Apple Store but I would pitch in with some more stuff later, so stay tuned. The post is not meant to exceed or derail other phones in the market but just to highlight basic convenience that as an apple user I have felt. Especially in times of need when the internet connectivity is not that fantastic apps from the store helps you save and read stored versions. Hope you like the post. Take care folks !
This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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