Exploring the world with powerful navigation tools

Human tendency is to explore new places with the least possible resources available. Whether going liberally out in the mountains or deep valleys, it gives an immense pleasure of achieving freedom by going on for the road less traveled. The journey has been made much more safe and exciting given some wonderful roads trailing across the globe by GPS enables and powerful Navigation tools. You can enter almost any transition with these helpful tools traversing in low-rise valleys, super high rocky terrains and what not. The power to explore has been immensely increased now and one can be free to go on road trips with friends or find an office for an interview.
Recently a group of three female friends traveled across the globe setting a record drive of exquisite kilometers. So from Delhi to London, travelling 17 countries, over 21,477 kilo meters. What a magical journey it would have been and I am sure they must have thanked automotive navigating inbuilt in their car. The trip has been excited specially making them feel safe and sound with tools enabling them to know a lot of interesting fact about the destinations they achieved in the journey. The motive behind the journey was to highlight women empowerment and no boundaries are there which a women can not leap. But this possibility is because of ever ending advancements of global positioning, navigation ( both in-built and enabled in another device). 
Another added feature is that it tells the driver about traffic, interesting fun facts about places that come in between, also its much more reliable for multiple paths, tunnels and difficult trails. Real time data capturing is what lies behind this technology. Sensors are enabled to trap data from varied sources and then transferred  the same into signals. So being diversified and relying with the whole world as it seems is what Navigation brings to you. One can explore more with these tools, so being automated help sustain the diversity entrapped in the world. Go on, be liberal, try and entice the world, travel to different places, help make the world a smaller ideal with the power and the convenience to approach cultural diversities at the click of a button. The fun of driving with your friends and going for long drives, entrapping the moods with soulful energy that a new place bring to you.
I wish I could drive to the Himalaya's and stay there for a few days, make my self comfortable and meditate to my heart content. Won't that be an enthralling experience where I can do what I want to but yes driving to the Himalaya's in a car with my loved one's would be one of the best journeys ever. Cherish able moments with navigation, friends, lovely environment and everything that embraces you on the way. 
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