Does that music give you goosebumps?

There are certain songs which enliven's one soul whenever or where you hear them. I have some particular songs which rather gives me the chills up my spine every time I listen to them. The possibility of making a song fall into this category I have examined certain factors that help form a song either fall under you special playlist or being the best song to lighten up your mood every time you hymn the tune or plug those ear-phones. 
  1. Your lovable singer : So whether it's classic, rock or melodies, if the singer is of your choice you tend to hear with utmost indulgence and caution as you believe in his/her capabilities. The pitch, voice modulations, the highs the lows, everything that comprise of a song is made by the lyrics, music and singer. In love with the voice and if the music director has done his job nicely than it might be listed among one of your top choices. For me Mohd Rafi, Kishore Da, Sonu Nigam, Arijit Singh, K.K, Shreya Goshal, Kavita Krishnamurthy tops the list when it comes to my ideal singers. For English I love Lionel Richie, Bruno Mars, Enrique (Spanish songs as well ;) ) Lady Antebellum, Justin Bieber etc. So I particularly watch out for new releases or their old songs which I haven't got a chance to listen
  2. The Music :As mentioned above if the music is not note worthy then no matter how good it's sung it wont have that impression. Though in old songs you has minimal music and some breathtaking lyrics and singing abilities to steal the show, its quite difficult with the new generation of singers implying a lot on digitization of voice, modulation and stuff. Music uplifts the environment. Sometimes I just listen to the song far off just for the music because its so appalling than the actually lyrics or the complete song in context. 
  3. Lyrics : Last but not the least when it comes to the composition and lyrics one has to be divergent as majority of the songs in Bollywood are romance based and being a big 90s fan I guess I love the style with which they confessed their love, those first meeting, notorious instances and making way to a life together. I have some really old classic like forever in my playlist and I love listening to them after a hard day at work or when I am depressed with the basic happenings in life, or when I am not happy with a possibility. Music really helps bring out the cherished version of my old memories. Also if a song you heard is associated with an old loved memory than it's bound to be in your top charts. I could possibly associate a lot of songs with my hostel life, or places I loved visiting. A picnic or a nice trip where we were heading too and their played a song which linked me to those memories. All lie in the beautiful forever list of music :) :)

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