Calling Out for some Peppy style

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

Ever wondered how being stylish and peppy can be in at the very same time? I fancy dressing all peppy and stylish at some instances to its usually simple and stylish furthermore. So how does one define peppy styling? I would say that rather than going in for bizarre and weird stuff getting a bit of oomph factor is what’s called for. The zest of comfy styling and mature dressing can go hand in hand if one applies his/her brains. I always ventured into spaces where I can find the right style quotient plus the added uniqueness where it beautifully defines the true me. The one who loves simplicity rather that showing off big bright apparels. I am not stating that people who indulge in hosts of unconventional dressing styles are not in. But that’s not something I vie for though I respect the way people feel about dressing for different occasions. But my point here is you can make a statement with your preferred style professing your believes in the way you want to portray your life. I think that’s enough of psychology going in there.
I hope I made my point being heard as there's no need of copying someone else’s style in order to fit in. That would hide or diminish your own value. So rather than scrumming to pressure and trying to fit in its better you redefine the style for yourself.
A lot people in my friend circle are concerned about making the said image whether its through their dressing or the way they talk. In context making a valid point super intellectual and witty but thinking too much takes away the fun of spontaneity. So this post would make you feel I have an opinion about just any random stuff but retrospection and penning what strikes my mind is the reason I made this blog. Sometimes it may get off topic but I don’t care. After reading this a lot of my lovely readers might share what they think about random stuff and that’s what strikes a good conversation. I really enjoy in indulging in just something off-topic every now and then. No harm in making a correct point even if its not appreciated upfront. But when you are among friends you need to be least bothered about what you blabber as friend never judge you. :) :) ;)
So that was a cool topic to choose and being peppy and fun always lightens up the mood and building cherish able moments with loved ones.  Its only when a gathering consists unknown guests and requires you to dress in a said fashion your wits are at test. So relying on your instincts would help make you acquire the top spot. Love your style, experiment more and redefine your taste.
Loads of Love

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