Chapter 1 : A Musical Start

Getting into Julliard was never an easy experience. With the competition rising every year and only close to 7% of the applicants making it to the final list it required hosts of sleepless nights and loads of practice.
My father was hopefull that I might make it with some best performances over the last two years and winning the state championship consecutively for the last three years he thought I stand a chance.
So I practiced day in and day out, jerked my way through some hectic sessions, skipped school for learning lessons from my music teacher and soon my shadowed dreams became a reality.
I was called to audition for the prestigious Julliard School of Music and I did plan to play the Bach, Partita No. 2 in D minor revered as one of the best compilation ever in the history according to me. I never realized until that very moment how immensely powerful I was with m Violin, how I transformed into a gorgeous world of my very own. I always felt safe & satisfied every time I held the wooden beauty. But this experience was different, maybe the majestic hall was responsible for making me feel that way or the sense of making it to the auditions was self-pacifying in an uncanny indescribable way. I don’t know what it was but those 7 minutes changed my life henceforth. I made past the final auditions and voila my name was there on the merit list. That meant I wasn’t required to pay the entire fee as I was entitled for a scholarship.
I couldn't believe  how my efforts have paved the way to a beautiful start. How my father had tears in his eyes that day when he heard the news. How it was nothing less splendid then Diwali being celebrated every year thought it was January here in India. I may sound how big a deal it was but it really was that big. I would be travelling the world meeting some of the best known musicians ever, getting a chance to hone my skills under experts. What else can a passionate eighteen year old violinist ask for. I have conquered my dreams and entered a phase one can revere for a lifetime. I cherished every bit of the last few days of my stay in India. I was the onl one from the country making the call.
Violin has always been my first love, I still remember how I was hooked to the beauty when I was only 6 and have never been bored or alone ever since.
This story is about my journey across the world narrating beautiful instances about experiencing life changing moments and finding the true meaning of love. Stay tuned for more.....

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