Whats on my Mind - December

So I was planning to write this post for quite sometime now after landing in Gurgaon and stumbling across some amazing stuff over the last month. I am hell lot excited about how things went by pertaining to my staying with family over every weekend now(thanks to the proximity of my office and home :* :*).

I would try and do a similar kind of post every weekend or fortnight (owing to availability of time which is scare because of the nature of my job :) ) But, its not that I am complaining, I achieved what I wanted for so long that I can kill a person for my present profile. I get to learn so many new concepts from some of the experts in the finance sector & try to figure out how I could retain the said logic and apply that in the best possible way.

Enough been said about my work :P. Now it's time for whats been keeping me off the radar, helping me zipping back to routine. I don't know this new definition of excitement and fun is acceptable or not but you all know I never bog down to what others follow :) So here we go....

1. Instagram : An addiction of sort, though very unlikely for someone like me with a personal aversion towards FB. :P BUT with Insta it's very different. You can follow me here if you like knowing the world through images :). So I made an account after a lot of pushing down from my brother but I owe him a big hug after discovering how amazing the social networking site is. I am totally in love with it.
My personal favorites are

a) Crazy_for_Cosmetics : This account is so damn spectacular and everyday you will find amazing discounts and new products. You should definitely follow it and participate in their december giveaway of some lovely cosmetics. Also do like their facebook page : www.facebook.com/pages/Crazy_for_cosmetics/941207112618275

b) Daily_over_dose : If you want to hear some witty remarks over whats going on in politics, a troll on recently released movies  or any randomly hilarious stuff just follow them and you would have endless jokes to share.

c) manmakecoffee : For some artistically carved photographs with "Coffee" and anything random watch out this.

2. The Clifton Chronicles : My love for Jeffrey Archer and a fetish for the name "Sins of a Father" I did start this amazing series and now I can't put down the book. The book has made me hooked overcoming my passion for Full House :P :P Now that went overboard... Hehe

3. Wattpad : Have read three parallel novel by lovely teenage writers. I must say I am in awe with the teenage talent I have stumbled across till now. I am sure there's a sea of beautiful writers waiting to get discovered. Anyone planning to get honest reviews and readers, its an must-to-have-your-book-on platform :* :). Upload your novel , compilation asap on Wattpad


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