Real Togetherness

A lady goes to a Swami (a saint) and ask what she should do as she has a doubt on her husband. She is suspicious that his husband is having an affair with another women.
The swami retorts : There's an easy to find out. Just take your husband's phone to that lady's house & see if the wifi gets connected automatically. :) ;)

*Gross but hilarious, isn't it *
So this joke was mentioned to give a direction as in how technology has entered our lives in all forms- big & small and has captured us in his vicious traps and no matter how disgusted we are devoting our family time on it we still don't stop the crap. I wonder why !

We all have come across people who insanely keep on answering office calls or texting so called "IMPORTANT" people while as a marriage or that guy who keeps finding a possible signal during the "Pheras" (Hindu traditional wedding ceremony, where the bride & groom pay their rounds in front of the holy fire)

So why aren't we enjoying our time with family & friends , our dear one's whose presence really matters. If you die today would he phone you had treated so preciously moan over your death or you would crave that your family remembers you. Memories are made when we spend small little moments with our buddies, crack unscrupulous jokes & have fun times. Nobody will ever bother to remember you when they find it hard to grasp your last joke or when you were a part of a special occasion . So friends what do we do in such circumstances ? I understand that calls can not be neglected & it's one of the best ways to connect when you are staying away from family. 
Yeah that is the thing if you have access to visiting your family at any possibility phone should be the least expense you are bounded with. So better keep that phone away & enjoy the real pleasures of life. That beautiful air which brings back old memories, those innocent kids chattering, fresh flowers blooming, helping or laying a kind hand to someone in need. Staying up with your parents and talking petty things even after you didn't realize it's 4 in the morning. 

These little & spectacular things make life not technology. Though I accept the fact how it has made life easier, conceptualizing connectivity & taking it to a whole new level. But have we come closer or parted ways with this so called "Amazing Intervention" which has ripped down our privacy & mode of expressions. Instead of a tight hug & kiss our mother's desire we are left with a smiley to offer?

Where are the technology less-expression more-gifts ? The special-someone's-presents, spending time with those we love the most. We earn to make our lives easier so that once we retire we have both time & money to do what we always wanted. Bu does that mean that we loose on time at our hands, times like family gatherings, wedding where we can find solace from our hectic lifestyles. 
I am sure the answer is NO but I am afraid this is what we are doing.
So "Real Togetherness" is not sticking with technology but getting rid from the chains :):)

Love you folks !

Watch this amazing video & how we really want the world to be. It will surely ring a bell.

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