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Do you crave for an Internet Speed that does not buffer Youtube videos? Speed that download songs and movies at an impeccable speed? Then keep on reading to know more about the new Airtel 4G Connection with some amazing features & functionalities.
If you are a 3G user & crave for the next level than Airtel 4G is for you.
Being the very first operator to introduce the 4G, Airtel service is spread across 296 cities, so there is a minute possibility that you miss this spectacular service.
I was initially skeptic about the prices as such a speed is expected to come at whooping rates but my fear was wounded out when I came to know that I need not pay a penny more than my current 3G rate. Isn’t that great.  So what are you waiting for ? Order a Airtel 4G SIM now.

Oh!  So are you concerned about availability, worry not.
Getting a 4G SIM is just a tweet away – Send in your tweets at #GetAirtel4G and a SIM would be delivered at your doorsteps in No time J

Now the next question is what will I do with my 4G connection?
there is nothing to suspect or retrospect in this case. Is It?
Mt first desire would be download some amazing movies which I had missed out on in the recent past. In the meantime I would write a hell lot of stuff which I had been neglecting because of my crappy internet speed  :) . You know what I mean right…

Also I would complete all those pending software updates, plus download & surf simultaneously for hours at a stretch. What say guys!! Life would be utter bliss with the much awaited Airtel 4G connection.

I really think students would be befitted by this new arrival by Airtel. Even if they have to look out for colleges or download some serious stuff It could be done without any hassle. More so I don’t need to vie for a speed that could help me download my CFA material at one go, rather I can download a movie in the background.

If you are still suspicious about what I am talking, take a look at this video and you’ll know what exactly I am talking :) 

From colleges to movies, from PDFs to songs. What are you waiting for when Airtel 4G is here Meri Jaan (friend).
It will not only ensure that you complete your work hassle free but without any extra hidden costs as well. In a world where we are cheated everyday this is a fair deal for a change. Grab this amazing opportunity and lay our hands on the Airtel 4G connection now. Tweet, Order, Rule with Airtel 4G and change the internet blame game forever. Enjoy & Stay Blessed forever.

Do visit his link for an queries that might pop up. Cheers!

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