The Day It started

It was a beautiful day, the birds chirped with all their beauty. The clouds adored their beauty smiling with dew drops and a little drizzle. 
I sat their on the bench next to my department's library and was admiring the beauty when Mr. M stopped by. He is my fiancee and my soon-to-be-hubby. He sat next to me and held the drops by his hand sliding the water on my head.
I said "hehe, watch out ! What is this ?"
He smiled and said , " rain drops, what else ?"  :) :)
Through his glances he stole a moment , hurriedly grasped and handed me some tickets. On further inspection I noticed that there were two movie tickets and a pass to one of the famous festivals in the city. I was elated beyond words could possibly express and we went off together for a beautiful day, waiting ahead for us to embrace each other's company with open arms. 
This was a gesture of love and care , like a little gift as the very next day I was going to make my way to Ahmedabad for my soon to commence higher education and this was our last day together. I was ecstatic because he was so considerate to make this day special for both of us. He wanted both of us to remember and carry the beautiful memories further. As we would be away from each for quite long time after this. 
The entire day we fooled around each other, cracking jokes, eating junk and going past old memories. Retrospecting old times, questioning each other with silly stuff like : Do you remember when we first bunked college or trolling past random memories of first day at college, when we became friends etc. The moments we spent together are one of the best moments of my life and I can never forget any one of them. Even when we fought over petty issues, pestering each other, crazily complaining; it bonded us with a stronger future association. We are one as we usually say, fighting all odds for our lives to be blessed by elders and making our way to be closer to each other. No wonder we loved each other from the core of our hearts but the love paved its way through a pure friendship where care overpowered any other phrase in context or associated with the word love in the English dictionary. 

The day was marked with some spectacular memories , still treasuring those moments of fun and finding my true self with the person I adore the most in life. I wanted to rewind my lost energy and vent out feeling with him as it was immensely difficult for me to go, leaving my family and loved one's for such a long duration. But being with him , talking and reliving old charms made me stronger. It helped me to go without bothering that what the future had in store. He assured me with his deepest consent that he could wait for an indefinite time to marry me and nothing can get past this decision of his. 

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