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"But he is just a friend" Neha was telling Amit the same thing for the 8th time now. Getting beaten by her husband was getting much more frequent over the last couple of weeks. 
Neha and Amit were newly weds and the constant bruises on her neck and eyes spoke a different language of love and care that the couple shared. 

Amit had a hot cup of tea in his hand and he was irritatingly asking Neha about her colleague. Sagar was a junior engineer in the company where Neha worked and they became friends after Neha was promoted to his department. Sagar has a friendly voice and amicable conduct towards Neha, she was instantly attracted to Sagar for his maturity and down to earth style even when he could have boasted to being a nag being from the IIT. But he always treated Neha and other girls in their group with utmost respect and sincerity. It wasn't as if Sagar was specially treating Neha , he was same for everyone. Soft, hard working and extremely patient. 

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But this Friendship tag was really difficult for Neha to get it accepted by her husband. He was a hell lot suspicious about every other guy and Neha, Amit would pass on derogatory statement and he expected that their would always be a justification coming from the other side. He would hit Neha at even a slight raise in Neha's voice which sometime occurred due to her constant crying.

That day Sagar dropped Neha as it had been really late after the meeting. Seeing Neha get down form a colleagues car ,instigated Amit from the core and he was back to his hitting business. 

After almost 5 hours of argument and hitting Neha got up and dialled a number from her phone. She ran to the bedroom and locked herself. 
A lady answered the call. Amit frivolously  banged  on the door. He was violent hearing a conversation from inside the room. 
In about 20 minutes two policeman and a lady clad  in a cotton Saree was knocking the Mishra's residence. Neha came out of the bedroom ; Amit was having a drink , listening to some ghazals on the stereo system. Neha flunked open the door and requested the team to come in. The lady was Dr. Shyama who worked in an NGO, she hugged Neha and asked about the entire incident. Amit asked irritably . "Who's on the door Neha ?" To which the police inspector replied coming in the room in which Amit was sitting. Hello Mr. Mishra. Amit almost dropped the glass from his hand but sanity struck him and he stood up, startled and overwhelmed at what the policeman was doing at his house.

In just about 15 minutes Amit Mishra was arrested on charges of harassment. It was a clear case of domestic violence. Shyama reassured Neha that she would be safe no matter whatever is done by Amit now. 
Neha emerged as a life changer, her own life protector. Are you one ? We must and always should fight for our own right. It doesn't matter if there's a support system present their to help us sustain the will but we owe our self the right to breathe without any boundaries. 

*The story consist of real life excerpts. #StartANewLife. Fight For your self

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  1. I'm glad she stood up for herself... it isn't easy, I had to deal with that too... There wasn't the hitting but the scaring and yelling wirh name calling..no body deserves to be treated like that ever....

    1. I totally agree dear. I am glad you stood up for yourself as well. Love you , take care :)


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