I Cherish those moments

There are times when there's no hope, no faith left in your heart. There are times when No matter how much you pray the depression don't let you take a free breath. There are times when you are all alone to face your destiny, nothing provide you with that much-asked-for moments of pleasure. But can someone still be optimistic and take a step forward. 
I think the answer is Yes .

"Don't Loose Hope, You never now what tomorrow has in store. "

There are innumerable moments when One feels all drained out, totally lost in time, nowhere to go and to find solace. 
Currently I am going through such a phase, I am unable to crack a job interview and all doomed up. I don't know how to react to situations or cope up with time. I am depressed at time, don't know how to feel enlightened and free of all boundaries. But there's something that lightens my day and nights. There's something which I look forward to each day, it provides me with my lost true self, I laugh without inhibitions and I say what I feel like. 

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This is the time when I am near Nature and my Mamma, Papa or my best friend calls me. I am so happy during that time. I get lost into those mushy voices and forget what I am going through. At times when I feeling awfully low I just call up my Mom and talk to her for a few minutes or sometime hours at a stretch :). And after she hung up I feel so damn strong and ready to fight back. I can't let go this phase because one can not have all days sunny and beautiful. You need to feel the lightening at some point in time. You need to face the music someday ;) . And these are my rainy days, days when I have to be strong and optimistic.

Another thing that keeps me on track is  writing undoubtedly :). I know I am not so good at it, but I forget whatever it going on and reflect whats truly in my heart. The real exemplifies and transit through vibrant words on my precious blog. I am filled with immense energy when I have something in mind and what to pen stuff down. I am all bruised up for that oomph in life when I am writing a new post, whether it's a general post or a Happy Hour one :) ;) I just love a topic I could freely express my view on. I am glad we bloggers have this amazing platform to vent down what inside and feel free for moments to come. 
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As they say "Your greatest weakness lies in giving up and strength in staying strong and determined." I am all up for this thought. I helps me stay on track and do my job. Beauty and Optimism are two side of the same coin, it has no bounds and it you feel alive if you believe it :) And both these phenomena's are spread all over. You just need a keen eye to spot a fantasy moment. 

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