Dry Baby, Happy Baby

Diapers are a baby's best friend :) ;) How true is that. For a happy baby you need to have those cute little bumps dry and happy. For that Diapers are your best bet. 
I know the posts starts of with a cheeky statement but that my friends is the truth. For all those mothers out there, they would nod their head in agreement.

So what does one do to keep the baby happy and chirpy all day long ? I think that's a tough question for first time moms and different things work for different bundles of joy :) :). So for my future babies and toddlers when I wake them up, I would first make sure that I change the diaper and transit the baby in a clean and dry world ;). Lol, that sounds hysterical. But, its important because it is imperative that the baby is clean and free of any germs from his/her night long poo-poo. So here is a little tale of how the young mother Rosy kept her baby Bob happy and smiling all day long.

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You know why this baby girl looks happy ? Because of the Diaper of course, that too a dry one ;)

Rosy cuddling up to her baby and thinking : He looks like an angel on my tummy, wrestling his way to a beautiful world. I pray that he is always smiling like this and never encounter an issue he can't handle. Maybe I am thinking so much for this young soul. He is just 2 months old. Rosy came back to the present where the baby was making a bit of a noise with little cuss. He was asleep but it seemed something troubled him. Rosy quickly touched his bum and realized that the diaper needs to be changed. She quickly got up holding the baby in her arms and removed the dirty thingy. She ran in with a diaper and changed it as the baby was fast in his sleep. The moment she changed the diaper a smile whirled round his face. Bob was smiling in his sleep.

Rosy heaved a sigh of relief, realizing that she saved herself of a lot of trouble of a grumpy baby in a wet diaper and ensuring that bob would now take a good night sleep, waking up whole-hearty the next day.

Ever wondered when a child is born how lucky the parents feel, the mother forgets all the pain and those tears says it all. A child is a beautiful destiny for a mother and father. The love is pure and innocent , devoid of any harsh selfishness or greed. It's just love-pure love. Caring for your child gives immense satisfaction that would breed in to a healthy individual. I am looking forward to having kids and this contest gave my thought a way to think what I would do a secret bedtime ritual with my kid. I wish to be a good mother and raise pretty amazing kids. 
So its one of the foremost duties of parents to keep their bundle of joy all amazed and happy for them to assure a good future. Because happy kids are ambitious one's and they know and respect there parents the most.

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The dry pants, proving to be a reward 


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