Apno ko Apne Dum Pe Jeene Do

 “I know, but I am bored staying at home all day long. “ Radhika said to her mother

“But you would be heading college soon and hostel is compulsory, you would get all the freedom you want” Mrs. Taneja told Radhika in an irritated voice.

Radhika was a brilliant yet shy individual. She always desired for freedom but given her over-protective parents she was confined to a reserved persona. One soul inside her wanted to go out have fun with her friends on the contrary the other was hesitant to take even the slightest of decision on her own.
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After 10 days the CAT result came and she scored a whooping 99.9%ile . She was on cloud 9. She cleared all the interviews of some best B-schools in and around Delhi and wanted to make her way to the best. Her heart eagerly awaiting it to fly to Ahmedabad and get her MBA degree. This was the very reason given by her to her parents . But her mother knew that she wanted to stay away from the family and breathe in fresh air. Her mother though reluctant at first pitched in with her to compel her father in letting her pursue MBA from Ahmedabad.

“Its one of the safest states Papa why don’t you understand “ She handed her father the brochure for one of the colleges she wanted to study in

“But what’s wrong in this college Radhika beta, it’s one of the best. The fee is just 25,000 for 2 years. Consider the ROI beta” Radhika’s father was more than awed by the fact that the college offered quality education at the least fee possible plus a package starting with 6 figures. What else could one desire for.

“Don’t you see how close it is from home and you can always come home on weekends” Radhika’s father was not letting this go. He was more than convinced by the fact that her daughter would be safer of she is near to them

Finally Radhika’s mother intervened.

“I thinks it better that we get her enrolled at XYZ, Ahmedabad”

“Its high time she stays away and see the world for herself. She is a grown up girl now”.

Radhika’s father contemplated and said Yes after a while. He was willing to let her daughter go.

“Okay, I am fine with XYZ now. I will deposit the first semester’s fee tomorrow” Mr. Taneja said hugging her daughter

“Wow” ….”Really? Papa”

She hugged her parents tightly as if thanking them with every moment. “Thank you so much, I can’t believe it. I am heading off from home”

She hugged her mother once again and whispered “I love you” .

*The story has real life examples and are excerpts from my own life. I thank my parents for letting me kick-start my career at one of the best colleges. It gave me a new perception towards life, I am my more insightful and independent now. Rather than being tagged as shy , I am bolder, independent and much more open-minded in my decisions. More than coming here and staying on my own I owe this drastic change to my strong inner self, which I never knew existed. It’s easier for me to interact with new people, letting the past not haunt me anymore and taking my decisions with a thoughtful intervention*

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