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An underworld don, went for a drink at a bar. His eyes struck a beauty- She was a con whose next target was him.
A week later they bumped into each other, is this the start of lovestory or a planned expedition ?
They are a married couple in God books.

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Delicious Breakfast

                        "Expect Problems and Eat the for breakfasts"- Alfred A. Montapert

Wow. Did you hear about Guptaji's delectable breakfast recipes. I am going straightaway, I wish the family invites me soon.
From the savory Cornflakes Chana Chaat to the mouth-watering Walnut Kellogg's Cornflakes Choco Balls. This should be topped with the a healthy drink, so what should I go in for, the Kellogg's Oats peppy papaya drink or the Date Shake
Wow both the drink sounds super yummy so what would you try if you get a chance to have breakfast at Guptaji's place. I would undoubtedly go in for a Kellogg's Oats peppy papaya drink . The drink is super easy to make and just heavenly. Its irresistible as I just tried the recipe ;) :) As its described-  A grainy nutritious twist to the regular fruit punches. My taste buds danced with every sip I took, just heavenly I would say, and one doesn't have to worry about the extra calories as its a healthy mix of oats and ripe papaya's. What more could you ask for.

Praying with all my luck to smile at me and invite me to Guptaji's place for their savory breakfast. Now it's not possible for me to wait. Another lovely recipe that they enjoy for their breakfast is their Cornflakes Coconut Ladoos, the recipe is simple and the taste out of this world. Your tummy would be full but your heart would be craving for one more ladoo :) :D . This is one of my favorites form the house of Guptaji's . Five simple ingredients and you are ready to go. 

2 Cups (crushed) Kellogg's Corn Flakes
2 Tbsp chopped mixed nuts
¼ Cup condensed milk
¼ Cup ghee

Dessicated coconut (copra)

Source : Kellogs FB Page
Has cooking ever been be so yummy and easy at the same time. This is a must try recipe, even if you are not lucky enough to get a call from Guptaji's ;) 

"Never work before breakfast , if you have to work before breakfast Eat Breakfast firts"- Josh Bilings

Another irresistible recipe for special occasions #Kelloggs #CelebrationWalaNashta
Cornflakes Kevra Badam Kheer. Here's a small video so that whoever want to try this at home need not search it anywhere. Just search for celebration wals nashta and you are done :)

Breakfast are the very first meal to kick start our day, a lot depends on what we eat for our breakfast and how healthy it was. The Kelloggs Cornflakes promise taste+health+convenience in the vicinity of your kitchen. What more can one ask for. From toddler's to grandparent's everyone's gonna simply love their offerings. Huge variety to choose from and your tummy would be happy forever.
So what are you guys waiting for. Just grab a packet of Kellogg's Cornflakes and rule the world. Don't forget to thank Guptaji for introducing us to the beautiful and healthy world of these mouth-watering recipes. Spread the love and get your loved one's acquainted with the idea of healthy eating habits. Because when they are happy and healthy you are ought to be at peace my darlings. Happy Readers mean a Happy me :)

For more information and some amazing recipes do visit these links :  https://www.facebook.com/anaajkanashta and https://www.youtube.com/user/kelloggindia.

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The Day It started

It was a beautiful day, the birds chirped with all their beauty. The clouds adored their beauty smiling with dew drops and a little drizzle. 
I sat their on the bench next to my department's library and was admiring the beauty when Mr. M stopped by. He is my fiancee and my soon-to-be-hubby. He sat next to me and held the drops by his hand sliding the water on my head.
I said "hehe, watch out ! What is this ?"
He smiled and said , " rain drops, what else ?"  :) :)
Through his glances he stole a moment , hurriedly grasped and handed me some tickets. On further inspection I noticed that there were two movie tickets and a pass to one of the famous festivals in the city. I was elated beyond words could possibly express and we went off together for a beautiful day, waiting ahead for us to embrace each other's company with open arms. 
This was a gesture of love and care , like a little gift as the very next day I was going to make my way to Ahmedabad for my soon to commence higher education and this was our last day together. I was ecstatic because he was so considerate to make this day special for both of us. He wanted both of us to remember and carry the beautiful memories further. As we would be away from each for quite long time after this. 
The entire day we fooled around each other, cracking jokes, eating junk and going past old memories. Retrospecting old times, questioning each other with silly stuff like : Do you remember when we first bunked college or trolling past random memories of first day at college, when we became friends etc. The moments we spent together are one of the best moments of my life and I can never forget any one of them. Even when we fought over petty issues, pestering each other, crazily complaining; it bonded us with a stronger future association. We are one as we usually say, fighting all odds for our lives to be blessed by elders and making our way to be closer to each other. No wonder we loved each other from the core of our hearts but the love paved its way through a pure friendship where care overpowered any other phrase in context or associated with the word love in the English dictionary. 

The day was marked with some spectacular memories , still treasuring those moments of fun and finding my true self with the person I adore the most in life. I wanted to rewind my lost energy and vent out feeling with him as it was immensely difficult for me to go, leaving my family and loved one's for such a long duration. But being with him , talking and reliving old charms made me stronger. It helped me to go without bothering that what the future had in store. He assured me with his deepest consent that he could wait for an indefinite time to marry me and nothing can get past this decision of his. 

Source : www.lovecritters.com
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Look Ahead

"But he is just a friend" Neha was telling Amit the same thing for the 8th time now. Getting beaten by her husband was getting much more frequent over the last couple of weeks. 
Neha and Amit were newly weds and the constant bruises on her neck and eyes spoke a different language of love and care that the couple shared. 

Amit had a hot cup of tea in his hand and he was irritatingly asking Neha about her colleague. Sagar was a junior engineer in the company where Neha worked and they became friends after Neha was promoted to his department. Sagar has a friendly voice and amicable conduct towards Neha, she was instantly attracted to Sagar for his maturity and down to earth style even when he could have boasted to being a nag being from the IIT. But he always treated Neha and other girls in their group with utmost respect and sincerity. It wasn't as if Sagar was specially treating Neha , he was same for everyone. Soft, hard working and extremely patient. 

Source : www.romancemeetslife.com

But this Friendship tag was really difficult for Neha to get it accepted by her husband. He was a hell lot suspicious about every other guy and Neha, Amit would pass on derogatory statement and he expected that their would always be a justification coming from the other side. He would hit Neha at even a slight raise in Neha's voice which sometime occurred due to her constant crying.

That day Sagar dropped Neha as it had been really late after the meeting. Seeing Neha get down form a colleagues car ,instigated Amit from the core and he was back to his hitting business. 

After almost 5 hours of argument and hitting Neha got up and dialled a number from her phone. She ran to the bedroom and locked herself. 
A lady answered the call. Amit frivolously  banged  on the door. He was violent hearing a conversation from inside the room. 
In about 20 minutes two policeman and a lady clad  in a cotton Saree was knocking the Mishra's residence. Neha came out of the bedroom ; Amit was having a drink , listening to some ghazals on the stereo system. Neha flunked open the door and requested the team to come in. The lady was Dr. Shyama who worked in an NGO, she hugged Neha and asked about the entire incident. Amit asked irritably . "Who's on the door Neha ?" To which the police inspector replied coming in the room in which Amit was sitting. Hello Mr. Mishra. Amit almost dropped the glass from his hand but sanity struck him and he stood up, startled and overwhelmed at what the policeman was doing at his house.

In just about 15 minutes Amit Mishra was arrested on charges of harassment. It was a clear case of domestic violence. Shyama reassured Neha that she would be safe no matter whatever is done by Amit now. 
Neha emerged as a life changer, her own life protector. Are you one ? We must and always should fight for our own right. It doesn't matter if there's a support system present their to help us sustain the will but we owe our self the right to breathe without any boundaries. 

*The story consist of real life excerpts. #StartANewLife. Fight For your self

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Dry Baby, Happy Baby

Diapers are a baby's best friend :) ;) How true is that. For a happy baby you need to have those cute little bumps dry and happy. For that Diapers are your best bet. 
I know the posts starts of with a cheeky statement but that my friends is the truth. For all those mothers out there, they would nod their head in agreement.

So what does one do to keep the baby happy and chirpy all day long ? I think that's a tough question for first time moms and different things work for different bundles of joy :) :). So for my future babies and toddlers when I wake them up, I would first make sure that I change the diaper and transit the baby in a clean and dry world ;). Lol, that sounds hysterical. But, its important because it is imperative that the baby is clean and free of any germs from his/her night long poo-poo. So here is a little tale of how the young mother Rosy kept her baby Bob happy and smiling all day long.

Source : heathcliffqparkmans.blogspot.com
You know why this baby girl looks happy ? Because of the Diaper of course, that too a dry one ;)

Rosy cuddling up to her baby and thinking : He looks like an angel on my tummy, wrestling his way to a beautiful world. I pray that he is always smiling like this and never encounter an issue he can't handle. Maybe I am thinking so much for this young soul. He is just 2 months old. Rosy came back to the present where the baby was making a bit of a noise with little cuss. He was asleep but it seemed something troubled him. Rosy quickly touched his bum and realized that the diaper needs to be changed. She quickly got up holding the baby in her arms and removed the dirty thingy. She ran in with a diaper and changed it as the baby was fast in his sleep. The moment she changed the diaper a smile whirled round his face. Bob was smiling in his sleep.

Rosy heaved a sigh of relief, realizing that she saved herself of a lot of trouble of a grumpy baby in a wet diaper and ensuring that bob would now take a good night sleep, waking up whole-hearty the next day.

Ever wondered when a child is born how lucky the parents feel, the mother forgets all the pain and those tears says it all. A child is a beautiful destiny for a mother and father. The love is pure and innocent , devoid of any harsh selfishness or greed. It's just love-pure love. Caring for your child gives immense satisfaction that would breed in to a healthy individual. I am looking forward to having kids and this contest gave my thought a way to think what I would do a secret bedtime ritual with my kid. I wish to be a good mother and raise pretty amazing kids. 
So its one of the foremost duties of parents to keep their bundle of joy all amazed and happy for them to assure a good future. Because happy kids are ambitious one's and they know and respect there parents the most.

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The dry pants, proving to be a reward 

I Cherish those moments

There are times when there's no hope, no faith left in your heart. There are times when No matter how much you pray the depression don't let you take a free breath. There are times when you are all alone to face your destiny, nothing provide you with that much-asked-for moments of pleasure. But can someone still be optimistic and take a step forward. 
I think the answer is Yes .

"Don't Loose Hope, You never now what tomorrow has in store. "

There are innumerable moments when One feels all drained out, totally lost in time, nowhere to go and to find solace. 
Currently I am going through such a phase, I am unable to crack a job interview and all doomed up. I don't know how to react to situations or cope up with time. I am depressed at time, don't know how to feel enlightened and free of all boundaries. But there's something that lightens my day and nights. There's something which I look forward to each day, it provides me with my lost true self, I laugh without inhibitions and I say what I feel like. 

Source : mpd.me

This is the time when I am near Nature and my Mamma, Papa or my best friend calls me. I am so happy during that time. I get lost into those mushy voices and forget what I am going through. At times when I feeling awfully low I just call up my Mom and talk to her for a few minutes or sometime hours at a stretch :). And after she hung up I feel so damn strong and ready to fight back. I can't let go this phase because one can not have all days sunny and beautiful. You need to feel the lightening at some point in time. You need to face the music someday ;) . And these are my rainy days, days when I have to be strong and optimistic.

Another thing that keeps me on track is  writing undoubtedly :). I know I am not so good at it, but I forget whatever it going on and reflect whats truly in my heart. The real exemplifies and transit through vibrant words on my precious blog. I am filled with immense energy when I have something in mind and what to pen stuff down. I am all bruised up for that oomph in life when I am writing a new post, whether it's a general post or a Happy Hour one :) ;) I just love a topic I could freely express my view on. I am glad we bloggers have this amazing platform to vent down what inside and feel free for moments to come. 
Source : www.thereturnedmissionary.com

As they say "Your greatest weakness lies in giving up and strength in staying strong and determined." I am all up for this thought. I helps me stay on track and do my job. Beauty and Optimism are two side of the same coin, it has no bounds and it you feel alive if you believe it :) And both these phenomena's are spread all over. You just need a keen eye to spot a fantasy moment. 

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Apno ko Apne Dum Pe Jeene Do

 “I know, but I am bored staying at home all day long. “ Radhika said to her mother

“But you would be heading college soon and hostel is compulsory, you would get all the freedom you want” Mrs. Taneja told Radhika in an irritated voice.

Radhika was a brilliant yet shy individual. She always desired for freedom but given her over-protective parents she was confined to a reserved persona. One soul inside her wanted to go out have fun with her friends on the contrary the other was hesitant to take even the slightest of decision on her own.
Source : pixgood.com

After 10 days the CAT result came and she scored a whooping 99.9%ile . She was on cloud 9. She cleared all the interviews of some best B-schools in and around Delhi and wanted to make her way to the best. Her heart eagerly awaiting it to fly to Ahmedabad and get her MBA degree. This was the very reason given by her to her parents . But her mother knew that she wanted to stay away from the family and breathe in fresh air. Her mother though reluctant at first pitched in with her to compel her father in letting her pursue MBA from Ahmedabad.

“Its one of the safest states Papa why don’t you understand “ She handed her father the brochure for one of the colleges she wanted to study in

“But what’s wrong in this college Radhika beta, it’s one of the best. The fee is just 25,000 for 2 years. Consider the ROI beta” Radhika’s father was more than awed by the fact that the college offered quality education at the least fee possible plus a package starting with 6 figures. What else could one desire for.

“Don’t you see how close it is from home and you can always come home on weekends” Radhika’s father was not letting this go. He was more than convinced by the fact that her daughter would be safer of she is near to them

Finally Radhika’s mother intervened.

“I thinks it better that we get her enrolled at XYZ, Ahmedabad”

“Its high time she stays away and see the world for herself. She is a grown up girl now”.

Radhika’s father contemplated and said Yes after a while. He was willing to let her daughter go.

“Okay, I am fine with XYZ now. I will deposit the first semester’s fee tomorrow” Mr. Taneja said hugging her daughter

“Wow” ….”Really? Papa”

She hugged her parents tightly as if thanking them with every moment. “Thank you so much, I can’t believe it. I am heading off from home”

She hugged her mother once again and whispered “I love you” .

*The story has real life examples and are excerpts from my own life. I thank my parents for letting me kick-start my career at one of the best colleges. It gave me a new perception towards life, I am my more insightful and independent now. Rather than being tagged as shy , I am bolder, independent and much more open-minded in my decisions. More than coming here and staying on my own I owe this drastic change to my strong inner self, which I never knew existed. It’s easier for me to interact with new people, letting the past not haunt me anymore and taking my decisions with a thoughtful intervention*

A must watch video : Inspirational :) 

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