#Unconditional Love- Experience it with the Zenphone

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"Love is not to be purchased and affection has no price. "- St Jerome

 So true. I agree to the fact that Valentine's Day is just another day made special by commercializing the essence of love. 
But what if you get an amazing gift this Valentine , that too at a swooping price? Won't it be nice ? I am talking about a phone with features to die for , ideal to fit in the Valentine's Day fervor.

"To Me, From Me " - a new addition to my 2015 Wishlist  is an Asus Zenphone  :) :* :*

A must buy this Season- If you love yourself gift it to your soul :D :)
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I always have an opinion on gifts, that they should help you to get in your daily life chore, making a convenient presence for the person. A good phone issues a critical aspect of being with you 24*7 and this product would sweep you off your feet. Here's how the Asus Zenphone could be a wonderful tribute to your love this Valentine season :

#Light on the Pocket : With a truck load of features so reasonably priced, it's quite shocking. The doubts are resolved when Asus as a trusted brand backs the quality and features the phone has to offer. The entire range is dealt cautiously for a broader segment of people, it's not only for the budget -conscious but for those as well who like a fully loaded phone with brand value attached to it. I think this would make a great buy. I can't come across a better gift for my Valentine, i.e me :) :). 

Here's what Nilay - one of my collegues who recently bought the phone, has to say :
"I think the Zenphone series are a must try for feature-enthusiasts. I specially like the music quality and how spectacularly i can click pictures with the camera"

# The insights :Asus has gone for a fairly presentable deal this time with a bit of a modification. They had replaced the Intel chipset with Qualcomm and Mediatek offerings. They are great alternates and provide a broader memory + good speed. So this would help Indian users experience a whole new technology with backed up performance. I don't think any of the sexes would oppose to new features for their V-Day gift. 
So it would let you text and send beautiful voice messages at lighting speed. So what are you waiting for, go grab one at the earliest. 

# Picture Quality Rocks : Excellent outdoor shots. The use of pixelmaster technology to highly improve on the quality of images captured is an add on for the existent camera in the Zenphone series earlier. Say Cheese ! And get going you love birds :) 

#Some Features to astonish your Senses : The list is long, but I'll try and concise some shocking revelations the Zenphone has to offer .

i. Dual core with 4 threads (treat as 4 cores) + 2G RAM
ii. Glove mode (if you are in cold place in winters like Delhi) 
iii.  Brightness control and setting icon right on top for easy access. 
iv. You can easily merge contacts on your phone.
v. Looks to die for.
vi. Scrolling is pretty smooth with a great User Interface. 
vii. Great performance. Swipeable keyboard

# Fantastic Performance & Battery Life : Last but not the least the Asus Zenphone has an inbuilt brilliant performance feature :). I just love the study looks with a great battery life. With 2110mAh I think it can be categorized under the high savers for human life. Yes, with all those battery consuming apps we need some longer battery hours and Asus doesn't fail to provide that. Ohh ! Yes And I don't want the late night chats being disrupted by the Low battery signal. Isn't it worthwhile. 

Now what more should one ask for. Being a computer engineer I think its a must buy. Thumbs up for Asus Zenphone. #Unconditional Love, LOnger and Beautiful Hours of love talks. This is ensured and Assured by this gadget. 

This post is written for the Indiblogger Asus-Unconditional Love experience with Zenphone -Happy Hour Competition 

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