The Bucket List- It kept me thinking

It was really difficult but I am ecstatic for the topic chosen by indiblogger for this Happy Hour contest.
When I first heard about the topic it sounded fun since it called for some brainstorming. But when I really started to jot my wishes down I was taken aback as I realized that I do not have a concrete plan as of now. Apart from getting some savings after I land up in a job.
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But as "The Bucket list" called for some actual thorough brainstorming at the very right time, I am quite excited to pen things down. Here I am all stuck at being 25, ready to get done with my post graduation and still not landing up in a job I desire. I think its high time I plan things up. But there are innumerable constraints attached when one think of a wild dream to get fulfilled or a desire to be jumped at. After keeping calculated risks at bay, here I am. Without much ado here are my top five wishes if their are no constraints - be it Money, Time, Age, in short nothing to hold me back as I am free to make my life amazingly splendid :) :)

# Marrying my best friend : Though he's my fiancee I think anytime asked I would like to marry him right here-right now. He is my best friend, a guide and a big support system. I had learnt so much from him that I can't ever let him know what he means to me and what place he has in my heart. I just love him from the core of my heart and my biggest wish is to tie the knot with him as soon as possible. If there isn't any constraint I would do this first thing tomorrow morning. :D ;)

# Buying a Beautifully Huge Farm House : This would be a token of love for my entire family, specially my Parents. It would be a place to cherish. Going ahead to celebrate vacations and holidays with dear one's is always a moment of bliss. I can't think of a better gift for everyone to enjoy their small little moments of joy, than a place of beauty and fulfillment. I would either construct a farm house in Scotland or a scenic endeavor near the Maldives. What Say ! Won't it be worth it. 

# Sharing Joys : What if we somehow share the joys we can with the unprivileged one's. What do we do ? Earn well, save enough for the family in Mutual Funds, buying insurance policies in return of hefty premiums. But what about those who can't even render two-meals a day. If I have the power to gift or give some amount in charity, I would definitely undertake at least 10 kids for their complete educations. Letting them read, write and become what they aspire to be. Hope someday even if I have some constraint I am able to fulfill this deep wish of mine.

# Exploring Nature : Before I die I have this one wish keeps on changing the urgency with which I want it. I know the above statement sounds a bit clumsy by the tone and grammar, to simplify this I am just talking about going overboard with me exploring places. Nature had bestowed us with some fascinating stuff and I would love to explore the great under water marvels the world offers, the Himalayan ranges and the fragrance of the herbs. I would love to visit Paris and New York once to find similarities and comforts the cultural diversity offers. But I would start off this journey of mine from Kerala, that's for sure. Now the urgency about which I talked about earlier is money as well as time constraint attached to this flimsy dream.

# Making People Happy : Now money can't buy those cherished memories or get me hooked to the time I enjoyed the most. I only wish for a magic wand which can gift me some moments of experience the beautiful time I had in the past. Stealing those laughs with friends, or going out sneakily for a movie. Expanding the horizon I wish that I am able to grab as much time as one needs to make a loved one happy. I wish I could spend endless nights watching movie with my Mom , giving a head message to my father or cracking jokes with my fiancee. I know they love spending time with me and so do I. So why not do it over and over again whenever we feel like doing it. 

What if we all are able to Live Life as we always dreamed off ? Befikar Umar Bhar. 
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  1. Tanya.. this is a great list... mine is travel to as many places as possible in the world... Help others and give of myself to others as well xox

  2. Second one will definitely be worth it. Imagine cows grazing in your farm in Scotland...Pure Bliss!


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