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Hassle free sale and purchase of used items is a head-ache these days. We buy certain stuff and rarely use it, or the usage gets dissolved with time and our actual motives.
This is the story of Tanya who found her first love at a cheaper price. Don't judge just read on :) :D

"Tanya where are you?" Mrs. Sehgal shouted from the kitchen.
"Just coming Mamma"
"Come here Quick, you are getting late for college beta !" Mrs. Sehgal, Tanya's mother ordered her to come and have her breakfast
"Wow ! Aloo ka parantha. I love you Mamma"
"Bas Bas kindly finish it and get going now... You will miss your bus otherwise" Mr.s Sehgal said


"But where will you manage Rs. 6000 so soon Tanya ?" Manhar asked her
"I will manage some, I have been saving for quite a while now. I think I would be able to grab it this time Manhar" Tanya sighed, she had her eyes in the ceiling

*Manhar was Tanya's best friend and they were planning to get married once they land up in a nice job. Though the actual love I was trying to get your attention is about to come :) *


Counting her savings of three years she had a please-god-make-them-6000-bucks plea on her face.
Nooo. Please Nooo... Tanya almost shrieked.

"What Happened " Mrs. Sehgal asked Tanya.
"And what is this why are you counting the money again, it won't help add more money to your account dear."
"I know Mamma" Tanya hobbled on the bed.
"Chalo don't lie down now, come for dinner. "

Tanya was in no mood for dinner, she just wanted 6000 bucks to purchase the love of her life. *A Violin*
"But Mamma what Am I suppose to do now. You know how badly I want that violin, but a new one cost no less that 6000 rupees"
"I know dear . Ok ! Come now, I would give you 1000 rupees more this time, how much would it make it then?"
"Oh ! Mamma I love you" Tanya jumped from her bed and hugged her mother"
"Then It would be close to 3500 mamma"

Sameer enters the rooms, he kicks the door and say, still haggling for that stupid violin of yours? Huh !

"You Shut up bhai, you don't know how much I want this"
"Ok ! Okay , Have you ever visited that website-" Sameer asked Tanya
"No, I havent. What is it about? And I am in no mood of jokes at this time, please !" Tanya said in an all confused-totally irritated manner.

"First take a look and then let me know, you will get what you want and that too conveniently, hassle- free, at the right price and yes not to forget the awesome Chat service they had introduced currently" Sameer said in a single breath
"See, here's the laptop. Find you stuff in here" He handed her the laptop and went to have dinner.

Tanya sat all winded up on the bed, hoping for some miracle. After 15 minutes of swift browsing she grabbed two awesome offers, one was the exact piece she wanted and costed close to about 4000 bucks, whereas the other one seemed to be a bit worn out yet the price mentioned by the seller was Rs. 3000.

"Wow !!!" Tanya sighed !
She immediately wobbled her phone to get some contact details of the seller. But there was none !
She scrolled below ad landed up to a page where she came across a revolutionary concept by Quikr. They hasd recently introduced the amazing chat service which helped buyers and seller to chat, share photos and not only that without revealing any contact details .  Multiple seller could be contacted easily and conveniently and you can keep a thorough track of all conversations. She hurriedly downloaded the app and was all set.

In just half and hour she was all set and settled for her first choice. She was elated with her purchase. She hurriedly called Manhar and told her about the deal. Manhar was way too happy for Tanya, he knew how mad she was for that Violin.

In just 4 days the entire procedure was conducted, the shipment was done and at her first sight, Tanya fell in love with that elegant, wooden piece of art. Her seller had sent her a personal message so that she could tell him of the delivery. He also enclosed a manual for cleaning and safeguarding the Violin and some numbers in the area if in case the chords find some issue years later, she can contact those shops for repair.

Tanya was on cloud 9 that day. She didn't went to college that day, embracing her house with melodious tunes she had practiced in her Violin lectures.

This is How Quikr saved Tanya's dream. The amazing Chat service helped her to be safe and make the purchase super fast. 
Here are some excerpts from the buyer herself

**I love Quikr, it has introduced me to a truly beautiful world of buying and selling. I couldn't afford my priced possession but they helped me find a buyer for my dream and here I am all happy and glad for landing up on the website. To top it all, there's is this splendid service they have for their users, the Quikr NXT Chat where you can share pictures, take a feel of the product, reply at your own free time and chatting with multiple parties all at the same time. Wait !! All this and more without ever revealing your number. Wow ! Why can other e-commerce sites come with such an idea. It had made life simpler for so many people out there. Thanks a lot team Quikr. Your innovation has rocked my world :) :* **

Here's 3 reasons where I would prefer Quikr chat service over phone any day.

1. Endless conversations : Talked with many buyers at the same time, conveniently and tracking every talk you had just to keep track. This would not only help you narrow down to the preferred once but you have a history of what the buyer promised you and if those specifications are not met you have a proof.

2. Share picture : You can easily share pictures of the products. It would not only help the buyers but it's easy for the seller from the point that he doesn't have to answer unnecessary questions, killing on his time.

3. Keep your number private : The barrier is just an app and it doesn't compel either of the parties to share their contact details in any manner unless the deal is agreeable to both. Isn't that cool.

The all New QUIKR NXT is here... See what these Damsels in Distress have to say
And yes ! How Quikr made their life easier

Damsels in Distress- Doodle by Tanya

If You are searching for something, don't think twice just login , chat and get your stuff. Here

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