My Sweet Bedtime Ritual

"A baby will make love stronger, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten and the future worth living for "- Unknown

Singing lullaby to your angel or giving them a warm bath would be a lovely way to make him/her sleep comfortably. Usually mothers have a secret or similar bedtime ritual that they had either seen their own mothers doing or just follow their heart.
I would surely be saving my baby's goodnight sleep with this ritual my mother use to follow with me and my brother.
I would first give the baby some time to digest the food properly, holding him/her in my arms unless I hear the melodious burp :). After which I would hold the baby in my right arm and gently wash hid body with a baby soap only with warm water. Now, warm water is a blissful anecdote for a lovely sleep. We should always wash the babies body with warm water no matter what the weather is like, it helps sustain sensations and give their blood circulations a boost. After I am done with the bath I would gently wrap the baby in a towel and apply some light smelling baby powder. This would ensure that I tucked him with some refreshed senses. 

"Getting the Burp out of your little thing is probably the greatest satisfaction I've come across. It's truly life's most satisfying moments"- Brad Pitt

Now I would circle his/her belly with my index finger and read a nice bed-time story . I would prefer reading some of our veda's or the Ramayana so that in his/her subconscious mind they the goodness our world bestows on us. I just love the mysticism attached with the great Indian Veda's and the old tales we have lived past. I want my child to be an amazing soul always helping others and making way for goodness in their lives. 
After this bedtime ritual a must have is a good diaper and I would nicely assemble :) pamper's diaper on the baby's tush and let him/her bid for a wonderful sleep. I don't think that we can live without a good diaper these days. Whether one's is heading for a party or going for a function , who would want the little soul to cry their heart out. So one should always keep a diaper bag handy so that it could be changed when required. This ensures that the baby is free from all the germs, wetness and irritation.

"Baby's are such a nice way to start people" - Don Herold

Ever wondered when a child is born how lucky the parents feel, the mother forgets all the pain and those tears says it all. A child is a beautiful destiny for a mother and father. The love is pure and innocent , devoid of any harsh selfishness or greed. It's just love-pure love. Caring for your child gives immense satisfaction that would breed in to a healthy individual. I am looking forward to having kids and this contest gave my thought a way to think what I would do a secret bedtime ritual with my kid. I wish to be a good mother and raise pretty amazing kids. 

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