A crucial yet beautiful decision

Does that old car of yours make a loud screech or doesn’t give you that mileage you desire. So what are you waiting for. Here’s an easy and quick way to get a fully loaded car at just half the price.
With Quikr you can now get an amazingly new version of your choice of car brand- your model and it’s just a click away.
So here’s my story. I got a Santro LE in 2004 from Delhi and now it’s damn old. I agree that it was one of the best cars in terms of low maintenance almost zero servicing and has helped me at times when I was not sure whether I should go for that servicing or equipment enhancement. Wheel balancing is one thing that has to be done quite often in comparison to other add-on’s . I truly love my Hyundai Santro. But now I am looking for something new, I can’t afford a luxury first hand car but I guess I can surely go in for a second hand one. It should adhere to my requirements. I am looking for some new features and preferably it should be a sedan unlike my previous hunchback.
So one day I landed on QuikrNXT. This site is amazing and have loads of features to make life easier for someone like me who is least acquainted with buying and selling online. Even when I purchase makeup online it’s after thoroughly going past various other websites, checking reviews of fashion bloggers and the like. And here I am going to grab a car that to a used second hand one. So shall I be trusting this one. Surely I did. With some great testimonials and suggestions for one of my friends I went in and got a splendid deal on Quikr NXT. Believe me it’s one of the best bets of my life. I am glad I came across this.
Here’s my Journey from updating-buying-cashing up on a second hand beautiful gray Honda City- 2009 Model on Quikr. Without much ado here’s how I fixed the entire deal. I first landed on the site , selected the Car & Bikes Tab on the upper left corner. Then I browsed for some moments, contacting a few sellers and then zeroing on two models. Both of them were for Honda City but one was an automatic version though and the second one was a normal one.
Image: Quikr.com

I started some conversation with the prospective sellers and went forward with the first one. This car was priced around Rs. 4,85,000 and the Seller was from Delhi too. So the meeting would have been a lot more easier.
Image : Quikr.com
 Hence after I chatted with the seller I wanted to negotiate the price a little bit and got the enraging Honda City which was a little short of 25,000 km but had whatever I desired in my second car. I would blindly suggest this site to anyone and everyone. One of the best deals, I would say I saved so much because of Quikr. Spending my time unnecessarily or my money for that matter. I am grateful to Team Quikra and the amazing concept behind this portal. With the app its much more smoother and Quickrrrrr :) :)

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This post is written for Indiblogger Happy Hours and Quikr NXT . Sor some amazing offers visit this link : http://www.quikr.com/

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