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Good morning Friends
I have this new edition for 2015 where I write stuff related to what I did the previous week. I love doing new stuff and this would be a sort of a journal. "The Week that was" is a set of events, fun twists, videos, songs and book I stumbled up on and really got the "kick" , which I was desiring for

So this week here's my list :

The Rhythms : While browsing some interviews of 'Shailene Woodley' I got to know about the 'Cocteau Twins'. They have some amazing songs right from Heaven or Las Vegas to Blue Bell knoil. I am in love with all their albums.The USP is that when you pick up a song you would feel that it's sung in a different language altogether- I thought it was Arabic. But ! Wait click for their lyrics and BANG ! It was truly in English. Hear it with an accompanying lyrics and you would know what I am talking about

The Written Words: With the Goodreads challenge 2015 I am taking the mix seriously this time. I would like to finish at least 50 books this year (though its a back run , considering I read close to about 80 in college, but still after I lost pace this is a good number). So up on my list are some books from Indian authors , starting with Novoneel Chakraborty's -The Stranger Triology, the first book doing rounds is - Marry me, Stranger. Without a detailed introduction I would just say this is a must read. I would be doing a detailed review soon, so stay tuned. I never waited so eagerly for a book but I will die if I couldn't grab the second part soon as it had definitely hooked my intentions of going overboard with books by this writer. I am currently reading - Let's have a sin tonight- truly :* loving it, though not with the concepts and aspects explored about love by the characters :D
Another book which intrigued me was "Four Armed" by Jeffrey Archer - a collection of 4 powerful short stories. From Never Stop on the Motorway to Don't Drink the Water, the stories are gripping to the core and would seek your attention, tickle your senses , make you go wrestle with your thoughts, arouse the motives to write, desiring more all at the same time. A curious take on life's daily activities woven with dimension. A must read this Summer :)

Lights, Camera, Action : Horror, Drama, Thriller ,Romance , I am one bit of a fanatic when it comes to movies. I am a big horror movie fan and can't let go the creepiest one's, I think I get into a vulnerably high mode after watching them, easily de-tangling with life . That's my way (What's yours? Tell me in the comments ). But when it comes to romance I am quite a stereotype and prefer the black and white love rather than the flirtatious version or tantalizing one. So finally revealing the movies I watched last week , here you go : The Great Debaters, Freedom Writers, The Class, The Butler, Girl on a Bicycle, The Ring, Grudge (Korean version), Hitched for the Holidays, Elsa & Fred, Lean on Me :) That's all. It's a random list !

Also for the week to come I would be watching Rudderless and Another Me (Seems like a thriller after watching the trailer).

E-Commerce : I bought two watches , one for my mother and another one for my birthday :P I loved both my purchases. Some books to fill the empty shelves and a Coffee Mug :* 

Have a lovely weekend. Goodbye Folks !

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  1. I hope you had a lovely weekend Tanya... Have an awesome week ahead xox


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