The Mounting Outrage of the Great Litterbug

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Leave away Silicon valley, gaur gum exports, cotton we are best known for nothing else but keeping our surrounding dirty. No matter what precautions are being taken we can't help but litter- anywhere and everywhere. The irony is that we do this the most under signs which tell us not to do so. The great Litter Bug can be seen everywhere, round the neighborhood, just outside missing the thrash can, in the supermarket, outside the departmental store ( eating a chocolate -- hey hey ! Wait why not throw the wrapper on the steps ) Or maybe see at yourself. Do you do it more than often ? If yes ! Please read on for more details about your traits ;)

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On your left is the image of an Optimist, gravely trying to understand that what can ever happen with just a bottle being thrown away on the streets. Many of us truly believe that the tipping point would never be reached, rather the earth would be stable in dire conditions with a plus or minus maybe :P :P But is it so ?

To say the least to litter bugs : "Put thrash where it belongs " - Is there a mechanism to point out the consequences in anyway. Is the national movement on keeping our vicinity clean bullshit because people seems to be least bothered about the environment around. As if the Earth is their dustbin. What else can be brought to notice other than a Nation-wide campaign of 'Swach Bharat' . Though there's a significant difference seen in the mentality and maybe reduction in the quantity of litter bugs but there's a long way to go :( :(

"Mere Desh ki Dirty - Paper ugale, Ugale bottle, roti. Mere Desh ki Dirty "

Dirtiness reflect the dirty Indian mind, the way they conduct their country is something they should similarly host in their homes. Is it so ? Do we keep our premises dirty, spitting in toilet, on walls, scribbling on the walls in spite of notebooks ? Do we ever attempt to fathom out what repercussions our act of dirtiness has in store for the land we live in ? Or the society we are building for our children? I guess not ! 
We never contemplate how and when these things would take their toll on our health and environment. That would undoubtedly lead to a lot of issues creeping in for the younger and weak species. The bitter sach (truth ) is that Bharat (India) would never be Swach (clean) until the acts of the litter bugs prevail. The Swach Bharat (Clean India) Campaign is nothing but a void demarcation. Yet to make a full fledged impact on the dominion of litter bugs. Sad but true 

The Stories of Litter Around the world. 

Were you there ;) :P Please check . And most importantly the extreme left is very important if you have a litter bug butt's 
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Tanya Sehgal

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Solution to This Bug : Instead of penalizing (though it is not that strict ever, never has been and I don't see a module coming out soon ) we can reward the Rule Governing citizen's. Pay them Rs 1 when ever a wrapper or anything dirty is being assigned to the dustbin. What say ! Guys :D :) Hi-Five on this idea :D

Say this along with me : 

I ought to be , but unlike my counterparts I choose to differ
I would not throw sticky gum on roads or dirty napkin in store
I would pick them up and throw them for recycle to make my city Clean and safe
This is India, I am not a soldier but keeping my city clean help me portray my love.
In the deep pit that we have put our country in, take this small step and don't be a litter bug :) ;)

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For More introspection and to know about the Great Indian Litter Bug go to this link

Have fun being a Litter hater. Inspire people round you not to be one of the litterbugs :) :)

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  1. Tanya... I think more people need to take the time to not litter... it is not easy but it is necessary. I think all we can do is continue to educate people of the importance. :)


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