My Wishlist 2015

Hello Readers
I know it's been quite a while I penned something down. I would like to start some new stuff on my blog... A change of mood- a splash of creativity :) :* That's all !
SO this list would be a mix of some gadgets, materials, dreams etc + Some resolutions :P

1.To own the Kindle paper white : It's a dream since it was launched by Amazon, it's priced at a nominal Rs. 11,000... With free access to thousands of e-versions :D :). Also to add on my list is to read at least 60+ books this year. I have only completed 3 so far :P ;) I will be buying the Kindle e-reader for sure (y) Yipee !

2. To write genuine stuff : I have been planning off lately to pen some exciting stories but I am short of ideas... Umm ! maybe it's just an excuse. Some good old friends are encouraging me to at least write some articles to make a bang on Comeback :P I will for sure ! Thanks guys for being there :)

3. To buy some cool make up : I recently came across this amazing website Fab Bag and ordered a one month subscription- I would be doing a detailed mention of it soon :) I am going overboard with styling stuff... From someone who did nothing apart from applying a cream and lip balm- I want to learn the art of subtle make up :) Which does not look made up :P So I am doing some cool stuff, hope to be consistent with it

4. I-Pad Mini : I am not a huge fan of the I-phone, it's junk I suppose (I have my reasons, no offense) But I would definitely buy the I-Pad mini version soon (y)

5. Doodling around : Here are some cool doodles I did this weekend , hope to make a cartoon script soon :P... Please god shower me with some ideas. My art's dying ;) ;)
I always had this fantasy after watching "The sisterhood of travelling pants" in school to own a beautiful art box with awesome art supplies in it :) But my artistic skills suck. So I dropped the idea but now I think I should just doodle to satisfy that immense craving deep down my throat  heart.

6. To be with my loved one's : It's not something I can help. But I would just zoom in and stay forever with my family and friends there :) :* Miss you a lot !

7. To start exercising daily : This is one resolution I have been avoiding completely- due to idiotic circumstances :( :( I will not ! I swear.

P.S : Some of my favorites this Fall :

First on my list is Amazon- the best platform ever (low prices, amazing stuff, great delivery, no unnecessary shipping cost- Flipkart sucks here )

Secondly I am subscribing to some amazing channels on Youtube- Being Indian(my favorite), TVF Viral fever Videos(Looking for some fun, login), Scherezade Shroff (Looking for awesome make tips glue yourself in)

And last but not the least - Ali Express: Amazing site, amazing stuff. It is a beautiful website, I can't lay my hand off products (Please do order from a Visa Credit Card- it would make the process hassle free )

Bye ! Hope you enjoyed this post :) :D ;) Happy New Year !


  1. Nice..all the best and hope all ur wishes come true :)

  2. Thanks a lot buddy :) See I wrote something :)

  3. Wow.. sixty plus? Amazing.. :) I hope I finish reading at the least half of the number :D but the more the better, always :) Best Wishes!

    1. Thanks :) Yes I wish you may (y) I really liked visiting your blog ! Happy new Year

  4. Nice list and best of luck and hope you achieve most of them.

  5. May all your wishes come true ... looking forward to more writings from you :-)

    1. Thanksa lot Greeny :) Glad you read !

  6. Good luck. Hope your wishes come true!

    1. Welcome to my blog Abhi. Thanks a lot ! Happy New Year

  7. Tanya, it is so important to make goals and reach for them... changing them up and going for higher goals... I wish you much success and happiness this year... just write when you feel inspired xox

  8. Whooaa I love this. And just visited Loving it already. Thanks to your post.
    Write often. Would love to read. :)


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