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We all come across this phase, but mine was a typical case of stubborn acne. No matter what remedies I try it only seems to worsen. When I was in School- Class 11th , to be precise I just visited my friend class (who was in another section)  to give my wishes as it was her birthday. But there was this cute little chap who was standing outside the main door (he must be in 5th or 6th Standard ). He came near and said - "Di are you suffering from Chickenpox"...

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Damn ! I was devastated to the core. I don't know how I came out of that depression, but I could never forget that moment. Though he was just a child being innocently concerned about the ailment. I on the contrary was stricken by reality, which was often prevalent when I was at my relatives house. 
No matter how much I tried I was always on the hit list of my grandmother. Her favorite statements
are as under :

"Beta (Child ) why don't you apply sandal wood paste ",
"Your Digestion is posing some problem I guess"
or the famous one "Forehead pe kisko pimples hote hain (Who get pimples on their forehead )?"

The most difficult , atrociously demeaning phase of my life. Where my confidence was totally shattered much so that I started staying alone, cribbing about trivial matters, fighting with my brother over issues which never mattered, loosing the urge to try on different hair-styles, clothes.... I just lost it ! To add it all I had my 12th boards , where I was constantly slogging under the pressure of scoring good and landing up a good rank in one of the competitive exams. 

From honey, lemon juice recipes to all kinds of ointments  applied just everything and anything which claimed to cure my acne in the slightest form possible. 

"We all have our share of acne, but the scars worsen the path ! Period" 

When my friends flaunted their flawless skin all year long it helped me succumb deeper just to believe that my inner self did not wanted a flawless face. I could do without the shiny beautiful skin. 
But is it true, I guess NO ! A BIG NO... When you loose confidence you loose a major part of your true self, that self which tries and struggle with you against all odd and help you fight difficult situations , making you act smarter when its required. 

A Prayer : Not even my worst enemy get a pimple ever in his/her life :) 
If he/she ever does, I wish they come across 'Garnier' to help them get rid of the trauma :* 

Now you must be wondering... So what helped me get beautiful soft skin after years of trauma ?
Yes it was Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash. A friend of mine suggested the product and I have about 3 packs with me at all days of the year. 
One in my bathroom for a morning wash, one small packet in my college bag for a refreshing wash after lunch and a Secret one on the upper pocket of my Travel bag - whenever I am in a flight I always make it a point (its like a ritual now) to wash my face before the light for not using the lavatory is switched off ;). 
You know what guys ,it's not just the neem which helps clean your skin deep inside but a magic ingredient which has capture the beauty market in a gist, tea tree oil. A succinct quantity is often a part of acne fighting products.
I am sharing my beauty regime with you all :
Wash your face with Garnier Pure Active Neem Face wash- Morning , afternoon after lunch and Evening (before bedtime)
After that apply a soothing cleanser/astringent/moisturizer- dab it on a cotton ball and gently apply it all over your face and neck /
I usually for my skin use a Garnier White Complete Cream SPF 17 afterwards. This really helps my skin breath all day long and its suits really well with my skin type.

There you are, done for a glowing skin. Follow this as a routine activity and you'll surely see a difference :) :) :*

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