Mom at Sixteen

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"I am leaving "

"But why? Christen, I want to marry you once I clear college"- Ben shrieked

"I am pregnant Ben and I want you to take a stand.... "

"You should abort the child Christy, we can make it work"- Ben comforted her

"I Want to be a mom Ben"

This post is inspired by a recent movie and conflict faced by teenagers in the American society. I am not trying to offend anyone here but we need to be sure of our upbringing as children's can be innocently carried off in a wrong direction. The irony is they do not understand what they are going through.What chaos they are asking for. Though parents are supportive but who wants such a big responsibility at such a trivial age.  I wish the society help them to be free with their innocence and not to be betrayed.


  1. I was a single mom at 18... it was tough... I wouldn't change it if I could as I ended up with a wonderful daughter. It wasn't easy and it was a massive amount of work. I think it's a personal decision but if they are having a baby to have someone love them, they will be highly disappointed... that takes a long road... have a great weekend

  2. It's a tough decision. I agree, age is a big factor to choose parenting.


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