Half-Girlfriend : An unrealistic transformation from 5 point someone to this good !

The Book : 
Writer - Chetan Bhagat
Priced @ Rs 176, but you can grab the book @ Rs 97 from Amazon
Publisher : Rupa Co. Ltd.

Review : The narration is flawlessly penned down. Addressing the key issues faced by a Bihari Boy making his way in the exemplary St.Stephen's with a Sports quota. A journey of how this truly despo yet determined guy make's his heart wrench for the posh Delhi girl Riya. Riya is smart yet reserved personality who is also successful in getting a seat at Stephen's with her basketball quota similar to Madhav. She is quite succinct to reveal any secrets with any of her friends. She then meets Madhav Jha who despite sharing their love for basketball are poles apart. But that's the magic and how Chetan Bhagat adores this lovely tale, coining the weird half-girlfriend saga. Bhagat has largely transformed a girl-boy relationship who are immature to commit to each other or possibly in dilemma as to whats in store considering the differences in their respective societies with the term half-girlfriend. The story unfolds when Madhav visits Bhagat at one of his trips to Patna for a book launch and hands him the journals of Riya whom he believes is dead by now. It is when Bhagat after innumerable tries of not laying his hands on those torn pages, go past them and calls Madhav again to hear his side of the story. For those who are big fans of Chetan and for those who condemn his genre this is a must try ; as an enormous transition would be evidently felt with this book. The language, emotional connect is immensely enchanting. Without revealing much I would end up by saying that it's a must read this year. So just 5 more days to go.

Snapshot :
A luring boy Madhav ... meets the adorable High-Class Riya
He fells in love with her, thinking that she feels the same. But destiny has its plan- only to leave them apart with Riya marrying a rich NRI and breaking off with him after a while. Only to meet Madhav in Patna where he is taking English classes to impress the Bill Gates foundation for capturing a grant for his rural School in Dumraon- a small town in Bihar. They meet each other by chance and then a series of event entangle them to come really close only to part for ever... With Riya leaving Madhav with her abominable coughing would they ever meet again. Or would Madhav leave her to destiny only to die alone ??

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