What's been Bothering Me !

The week and the week previous to that had some really weird and mixed emotions that took a toll on my health and mind... I am going to pen down just a random list here on my lovely-beautiful- perfect space (talking to my blog :D ;) , he has been under a lot of wait :) ). Would explain some, would not explain the remains

1. Preparation : It's been gone over-board I was constantly preparing for an exam not for my MBA but for one of my dreams since the last year :)  Enjoyed the Journey ! :* Hope I get through (God __/\__ Please )
2. Love : Happy Anniversary sweetheart. I love you and always will, you will always be mine. So proud of you darling. May you get all the happiness in the world, give me your pains and just keep going dear :* :*
3. Hairs : When would my bad-hair day end. It's like there forever.. I don't suffer from "SOME" bad hair days... I by chance sometimes- RARELY get a good hair day :P :P... Seriously...
4. Cold : Stop strangling my throat. It's been a while now. haven't you heard about the statement that "You" last for only 5 days, you are exceeding your limit... Please Go !!
5. Mess : My room's a mess. Contrary to how spic and span I want it to be. I am trying but I am unable to... admist all the pressure, bad health, and headaches
6. Friends : No replies... :P :P So called one's--- just suck !! No need of them... Those who really care ! I am alone without you guys.. Thanks for being there. N I am least bothered about how you bad guys feel.. To hell with you :) :P

That's all ! Bye Take care folks :) :) It was lovely :D :* 


  1. Tanya... I know how you feel about the so called 'friends' ... last year was time for finding out who actually was my friend and who wasn't ... it was very surprising to me and kind of sad.

    Good luck with the rest of school... it is not easy keeping everything together when you are attending college or university...

    I also hope you feel better soon... I had a so called cold for 7 weeks once and I wondered if it would ever go away... it did and it has been almost 6 years since I have been sick since... thankfully :)

  2. All the best for the exam and get well soon :)

  3. Ekla chalo ekla chalo ekla chalo re...

  4. Good luck for your exam result! May the result be ever in your favour :D
    As for friends, well, it does take time to realize who's the one to care for. Sometimes we're ourselves messed up. Just go with whoever you feel most comfortable with :) Hell with the rest :P

    Get well soon!

  5. All the best for your result, Tanya and about the so called friend thing..I'm going through the same phase and totally get how you must be feeling....and I'd love to be your friend coz I myself can use one for now..*wink* as for your throat take care and get your sinus checked..I'm a sufferer though I hope it'd be nothing more than a stubborn cold..just hang in there because it gets easier . :)
    Still kinda cute post that is. :D

  6. ..hahaha..quite an interesting post..now i understood why you unfriend people..as for cold if it lasts more than 5 days then it must be some sufi's magic..that cold trying to blend into your words..so that your words whirl and dance like the sufis searching for that eternal truth of existence.. :)


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