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Disclaimer : It's utter bullshit if you gonna waste your precious time reading this crap... Please don't

I have started retrospecting quite lately with my best buddy (would be husband) M doing the rounds. I talk to him on phone for atleast an hour at night sharing what went through, what went wrong, how was my day, how was his... N the list is endless...
He's a lot into meditation and really know how powerful the mechanism is. Me being a procrastinator tried but couldn't compel my mind and heart to carry any further. Though whenever I have done it, it has given me immense satisfaction and a feeling of utter bliss.
That day we talked about our daily lives, and he often says that the body is just an illusion and it would fade away, what remain is the soul. Though I completely feel the same but my reasons for not meditating is that I want to relaize those feeling from nature, from the beauty which god has given us, the blessing it has provided. It's beautiful, isn't it ?
But yes : "The universe is within us as they say !" We need to bring the power, the energy out... Let the soul manage our lives and not the heart & mind. Those are transitory organs, easily blown away by a slight distruption... :) :D Don't know...

See I am old eneough for such talks, for such thinking phenomenas and for listing and engaging in such feelings... Have a mixed opinion about what to say and what to not. Life has spoilt it's meaning. I have loved one's but they are far. I miss them... I want them... I wanna spend my life with them... N this is called Moh Maaya... I don't wanna get rid of it... Hate it !!

:P :P :P


  1. I had to read what you wrote... I want someone who I cannot have... it makes life sad at times for me...

    It's so good to see you writing whatever you feel...

  2. Aahh!!! Aren't we all floundering in materialism? It is, to some extent, unnerving to live without a little of it, considering we're supposed to live in a society, made of and by people. We're just so used to it. But I do agree with the fact about the soul being supreme. If you don't want to use meditation, simply practice more kindness, sometimes going out of your way. It refreshes and enhances the soul just as well :D

  3. ' stop acting so small,you are universe in ecstatic motion '

    these are the words of the great sufi Rumi..there is always a universe within us waiting to erupt..there is an endless ocean of energy within us...and soul is the boat which will help us wade to that volcano of energy..
    ..rather than working on the body..we should work on our mind..take a trip..go to the hills..take a break from studies..from work...from helps us in recharging the relaxes us.. :)


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