Over my mind, into the blue
I rusted all feelings and laid down so true
Feeling the thunder upon my breath
Figuring out what life has in store for me next

Clueless as it can get, all dead inside my heart
Courtesy :
I prayed last night questioning is it worth giving a try ?
I got no answer for the chaos it holds
Up on my breath laden with a succinct air of disbelief
I tried getting up and moving across the mystic scent
But it stopped me from going past to regain that dream of mine

It's high time I get past this frenzy uproar
Holding me back to realize my self
and letting me stuck in between the grope
I still tried to get back again, fighting the force with all my strength
And I can say I came all buried in dirt
but there's still a prove that I fought and came all through


  1. Tanya... it took me a few minutes to realize it was you... it's so nice to see you posting and it has beautiful words as always ;-)

    1. Wow ! Thats so lovely of you dear Launna... Missed your comments. Thank you ! I won't let you down and will blog so as to garner your amazing comments buddy ! Take care <3


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