A pledge for My Blog

I have been neglecting this lovely space-My blog for so long now. It's dying and that's because I don't pay any heed to it !! :( I started "Coveted Dreams" to be a place where I can pen down what going on in my mind, what bothers me, what I love, what I don't, what I went through and what I demand from my future moments... But I kinda- with time forgot to truly nurture the passion I had- Writing...
So here I am, I guess I have really forgotten what it truly felt to have those lovely people comment and like what I wrote. To pass their judgements about what they desire and what they liked. Some of my best friends are awesome blogger I got to know from this blog. And I am immensely blessed for that. Persistent laziness, insurmountable work and other chaos prevailing in life has stopped me from carrying out this beautiful feeling which I got through blogging.
Here's a pledge where I promise my self and my blog that I would write more regularly and take absolutely no stone unturned to garner the readership it once enjoyed... :) :) To expedite the passion I possess which would always be present somewhere in the corner of my heart and I won't let go that charm it fervours...

Yipee ! Way to go :* :*


  1. I'm so excited to read this Tanya, I look forward to your next post ♡

  2. hey tany...welcome back.. expect more from u similar to earlier days... :)


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