Sitting idle on a hectic day !

I don't know about others but I don't know why I am behaving in this manner. :( Strange ! But true...
When ever I have a submission to make, an assignment to work on or an exam round the corner, I am sitting idle :P . Either watching Full House(my favorite TV series of the 90's) or browsing about some certification !
I hate this procrastination reloaded- side of me, but I am trying my best to get ride of this. While doing an MBA, one is suppose to study 25 hours a day whereas me , I am no where near 15 :'(

Hope I realize this and mend my ways. Maybe this post helps me out in accepting the dire need to that had arise. Oh ! Yes I remember that just 15 days left before I fly back home. Maybe the festivities are driving me crazy or I am just crazy what-so-ever... Never Mind !

Its never too late, right !? As they say, from my behavior its palpable that I am down the drain, but I might rise the next moment and strike you right in pain !!! LOL :D


  1. For two three days make fun as much as you can but make a promise to urself that after that you're going to be very serious about your main goal.... It's never late but keep in mind time is running fast.

    All the best Tani!
    I miss our chats ..hope you'll be back soon with flying colors. My prayers are with u!

  2. Hey! Long time no see! :|

    I don't know if you know, I do the same. Though I tend to blabber on my blog or just roam around aimlessly, procrastinating till God-knows-what, when I have some work to do. MBA thing? :P

    All the best, though. Tell you what, come post something here and then sit down to study. You'd be feeling good and would be able to do your assignment(s) quickly! ;)

  3. I could relate to this, a lot.
    Also, what music is this? On your blog? I loved it.. Please give me the name of the artist.

    1. Oh! Wait. I clicked on the "off" on the slide show below "The wanderer" and I guess that triggered the music. Still need the name of the artist. :D

  4. Omg that happens wd me too....btw that doodle in end was lovely

  5. Hmmm
    it's true. ....
    it happens with me too......

  6. That's a great piece of Article, "Tanya", so true.

  7. I think everyone procrastinates I do it all the time. Especially right before a big test :/

  8. Gosh I can totally relate to this too,like really . And I loveeeee watching Full House all the time especially when I have some test the next day..:/
    Following you now.

    Ps- Your hand writing is realllyy goood. :D


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