Rain- Break !

On a Rainy Day ! I will propose her....

You seemed determined this time, after fifteen failed attempts bro.

Aishwarya is mine, I won’t let her go this time. Ved said humming almost in a baritone.

Ahhh ! You guys again busy in your petty talks ??  Aishwarya uttered emerging out of nowhere

This is Aditya, my Fiance....

This post is written for the 55 Fictionist Contest, hosted by IndiBlosp


  1. Hahaha ...Indeed a heartbreak err rainbreak ;)

  2. Wonderful take dear :)
    awww.. that was a shocking and breaking moment for Ved :(

  3. Hi Tanya hope you remember me... I came here after some gap... wow it seems you have groomed up very well here... You wrote such awesome posts... keep going... TC...


  4. Hi friend, As a start of "IndiBlosp". I'm hosting a contest on 55 Fiction. It would be very Interesting. I'll be very happy if you contribute your writing in this contest "55 Fictionist Contest" you can share it to your friends and fellow bloggers... take care...

  5. Hahahaha....good one...but sad for that guy :P

  6. Oh god! That s**ks for him. He must have known what hit him. Poor soul.

    Very hilarious though ( for us) :D :D

    Pages off Life

  7. Nice one :) Girls are quite good in giving sympathies :)

  8. I just came here to thank you for visiting my blog and fell in love with yours!


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