After Smoking & Drinking this is the new Addiction !!

Disclaimer : This post is totally based on humor, I had already added salt , read it with a pinch of optimism  ;)

Are you a teenager, dropping everything under the sun on your Timeline? 
Or are you someone who is not able to get that daily dosage of sleep or studying just because you are too curious to check every now & then, who liked that status or commented on your picture?

If the answer to any of the above two questions is obviously YES ! You are being bitten by the FB, Facebook Bug :P

From kids in 5th standard to there grand parents everybody & anybody is now on facebook. To tag it , A bliss or a bane is entirely dependent upon your use. 
Finding lost old buddies & catching up with those far flung relatives, removing those suicidal chords was the tagline before BUT Now, it as if a 24*7 Job. 

And surprisingly most of us do enjoy it, I was never so casually seen on facebook, but some GK pages & my going-to-be B-School has set up a page dedicated to aspirants & that's keeping me hooked to  "FB" :)

Here are some cute & hilarious set-up's !
## I Pity the gang who got caught as one of the inmates was a facebook addict !! :D

@@ Even God's On Facebook : Ohh My God ! He himself is searching for a user name, obviously the real has been already taken by a mortal :D 

$$ Gender Biased : Zipped ! I guess it's true. No matter what crap a cute/beautiful girl posts as her status, there would be scores of likes & thousands comments. But if in case a guy posts the same on his timeline, he would merely get 10 likes & 2 comments (only in case he's lucky !) . Jeez !

They say : "Don't like or comment on a beautiful girls's pic, you would be bothered by notifications for the next 3 months ! LOL "

## The Concentration Buster : Poor Sincere Facebook Addicted Students ! 
Such a common phenomena, exams come & go, teachers give assignments & time passes but what about your FB status likes & comments. Go check em out ! ;)

 ^^ There's a second version of students (heard a lot about them but haven't encounter one yet, maybe I am not a school going kid anymore ! Thank God !)

&& Last but not the least : Of those whose last wish is to update & add a status on facebook. Glad I won't turn out to be one, with just 35+ friends so far, I don't plan to increase the number any how :D :P

God Asked : Facebook pe update kardia tha na ?? :P


  1. This is so true ... modern times are ruled by Facebook ... and to think of it, most of us are hooked on to it, either through our PC or through our cell phones ... a virtual world turning into reality pretty soon :-)

  2. Exactly what Mr. Speck said :) People are so obsessed with Social Media, especially Facebook.

  3. For sometime, I was addicted too, I mean checking it what's happening, but when I realized in few days that it was becoming an obsession,I took steps, and thankfully the bug doesnt trouble anymore, as I have kept a repellant ;)

    The images were funny, and am glad I don't belong to that category, would rather love being called old-fashioned, if this is the new reality!

  4. Hilarious post. And I am a bit surprised to know you are not addicted to FB :)


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