Strawberry Tint !

With a splash of strawberry I wish I could see everything in life
A bit of sour a bit too sweet my taste buds would go awry
Moments with loved one's full of innocence & care
Those with foes would be erratic in senses

I pray I was not that shy to confess my love for him
Making my dreams full of whimsical fantasies just like the caramel in that scoop
Maybe he would understand that beauty is not everything
Those hidden emotions like chocolate chips in my Sundae !
I ordered make my self realize that life could not be measured by spoons
But still I love my ice cream cup to spray my pain with the strawberry tint...

#The Poem was a part of the contest : Ice Cream Imaginary  & had won Gold Trophy at :) :) 


  1. Wow...what a delicious piece, Tanya! So well penned. Congratulations--a well deserved win for sure :)))

  2. This is so sweet and lovely ... you deserved the gold trophy ... keep writing buddy :-)

  3. This is so nice! I really love how you write!! Congrats on winning the gold trophy!! :)

  4. That is a really well written piece, Tanya :) Totally deserving the win...congrats :D

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