Ramblings Over The Roof !

Back with a Bang ! Yes I am back after 2 months (not technically) but yes emotionally :) A lot of things did surfaced in the past two months, I have got a thoughtful path to carry my life forward, going to shift, make new friends & get over some dilemma's in the coming next 2 months :D

With your wishes I have been able to crack my dream & had seen hard work being paid and my transformation to the old happy & kinda contended soul now (which I always am :D)! Yeah I am going to Ahmedabad, Gujarat to pursue higher studies (very well known to those who follow Coveted Dreams & read my crappy thoughts :D)

Life is beautiful as I always say, it's up to you to give it that glance of perfection :) There are times when we are not able to figure out the deep perspective that's involved behind failures  but when one encounter's a belief that things gonna be fine & try n understand the bigger picture then only we come to terms with LIFE....

So cutting the fantasy tale short I would carry the rest of the post with some random ramblings, these are some of the pics I came across the last one week & some thing did strike :) So as I am good at sharing things with my lovely readers/buddies/support system... here I go... :)

In between PS ;)  : I am dying to read all your comments & reply to them !! Take care :)

#The cutest fight possible : Yes if you thought it's between siblings then you are absolutely right, see the pic below... My little bro updated this as his what's up profile Display & it was damn cute (isn't it? ) I just adore my cute bro, thought he's a grown up man (20 years old) but he will always be my youngest/cutest friend ! No matter how old he gets I will find the same charm in those green eyes & the same love behind that smile below that groovy mustache.

# Back to School Moments : I am sure everyone of you would miss someone after seeking what's below :) Yes ! We all had that irritating little creature in our class who would pretend that he/ she 's gonna fail & then would end up scoring the highest... Sorry to some, but I guess I took & turned to be one for some years during college :D...

# That Familiar Question : We all faced it, believe me , you would be able to relate to this one... No statements from my side, just watch for yourself ;)

#I am glad I am over it : Wheew ! Thank god I am over that phase & I don't need to be one, yuckss an IT professional... Since I am going to do an MBA now that too in Oil & Gas (Petroleum to be precise) I would just pray that never again I land up in a pathetic IT company :( :/ Please bless me erratic consequences  :D

Signing Off !! Take care :) It's my 95th Post !!


  1. Nice work yaar. short and sweet. Keep it up.

    1. Thanks a lot Arun Sir :) Glad you liked it ! Take care :)

  2. Good to see you back with a lovely post :)

    1. Good to see you again buddy :) Thanks for dropping by !

  3. Congratulations on getting through to the university and course you wanted! Wish you oodles of good luck and hope you have lots of fun and never land up in a pathetic IT company. :P

    I remember seeing that first picture! Super cute! :D

    Write again soon!

    1. Thank you so much Ashna for your good wishes & I wish the same dear ;). Glad you liked the pics :D Take care buddy !

  4. Good luck girl, for your future ventures :)
    and a very sweet post!


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