How I Braved Anu Aunty & Co-Founded a Million $ Company- Review

How I Braved Anu Aunty & Co-Founded a Million $ Company is a debut novel by Varun Agarwal, the book is a fun-filled narration of the entire journey of an Engineer who with his friend acquire the guts to make their dream come true against all odds, the problems they encounter are many but the biggest of them all is ANU Aunty, a serious hindrance to the protagonist's idea of be an entrepreneur.

Author : Varun Agarwal
Price :  Rs. 140/-
Publisher : Rupa Publications
Published : 2012

Varun is a fresh engineering graduate & like most of them he's unable to land up in a dream job so he thoughts of entrepreneurship as the ideal path. The book revolves around issues that the two friends face to make the idea survive & shares their hand-on experience of facing parents in times of such crisis ;) & the irritating Anu Aunty, who has an uncanny resemblance to those constant nagging devils that we come across many a times during our growing years, who keep praising their own kids & shoving other's achievements like a filthy affair. "How I braved..." is a must read for anyone who's looking towards the enthralling path of founding a company & making ideas work, with a small investment but an amazingly brilliant idea to make the journey worth trying for.

The Book is written in a beautifully captivating manner & believe me you won't be able to take any kinds of break in between & those precious hours would be blissful. The book has some romance sequences between Varun & his dream girl ; nightmares that the two friends face while waiting for the shirt orders & the happiness that lights up their lives once their idea of staring Alma mater takes shape. A start-up where Varun & Rohn try & make sweatshirts & customized goodies to students who want to take their alma mater with them & carry on the pride forever. Some cool tit-bits that you would learn from the awesome Varooon... (the way Anu aunty calls out for the Gujju boy ! :) ) A journey weaved with a great sense of assurance ! Alma mater was the brain child of Varun who without any kind of silver spoon made entrepreneurship seem so viable for a normal guy/girl next door with a zeal to achieve what they desire.

From the Author : One of Agarwal’s major struggles was fighting his own insecurities about failure and what was expected of him. “If you want to be a carpenter, be a carpenter. Be what you want because at the end of the day you don’t want to end up living somebody else’s life,” he says.


  1. Looks like a good read. Thanks for the review, Tanya. Nicely reviewed:)

    Keeping busy still? Hope you are doing good :)

    1. Hello Maliny, thanks a lot for reading. Good to see you here again :) Yeah dear I am done with the admission process, would be soon visiting all my blogger friends :)

  2. This is interesting... I have ordered for a copy too :D


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