The Dilemma

It was a wonderful day, the board meeting went fabulous, my pending promotion might surely get an approval from the GM.

Banggg !! 

Blood splashed across my face, a pregnant lady was just hit by a speeding car. My mind was blank !!
What Should I Do?

My heart was throbbing to help the lady, she was lying their unconscious, but something in me refused to go any further...
Heart: “I must help the lady, she desperately needs my help, the driver had run away, there’s no one around to rush her to the hospital, my heart compelled my conscience to provide a promising hand in the lady’s direction”...
Mind: “NO”, my mind stopped me . How can you help the lady, what about the repercussions ? What if you are proved guilty of harming the lady? What if things turn upside down? What if you might have to a pay a price for the imprudent actions of someone else?
Don’t act silly?? Just sit in your car & head straight home. You wife is waiting, what about all good news you wanted to share with her? What about the vacation you were planning with your family all this while. Stop this non-sense & act smart....
Heart: “ACT SMART?? MY foot !!”-She will probably lose  both her’s & the baby’s life...

 I got near her & called for help, a guy helped me take her to the hospital in my car. After 5 hours of operating on her the Doctor white clad, came near me & my wife.
“You saved two life’s today, Mr Sen. Just because of you, we were able to operate successfully on her, a cesarean had to be carried out as she was weak & was not responding completely. The baby & mother are doing perfectly fine.” “You are a lucky wife Mrs. Sen ” , the doctor said in an enticing tone...
We then called the lady’s husband , whose number was obtained by the doctor during the operation. A young guy arrived in no time, he was all red & headed towards the ICU, where the doctor advised him to meet us regarding what all happened to his wife.
He told her ”That Nisha (his wife, the injured lady), was coming back after applying for a maternity leave as his delivery was pending in the course of some days, later when he tried calling her, the mobile was switched off. ”
I told him about what all happened & he kept on saying thank you all this while we were in the hospital. My senses felt soothed, I was really on cloud nine. I won the dilemma; my head & heart faced that very moment. I got rid of all the negativity in an instance when  I heard the doctor thanking me.

We were allowed to visit Nisha the next day, she thanked me & my wife in hushed tones, she had really gone weak after severe loss of blood, but luckily the baby was a healthy bundle of joy, all fair & cute. He was adorable no doubt.
Nisha asked me: “Can, I know the name of my saviour Sir.”

Me: “Kartik" I said  with a winking smile.

Nisha: “We will name our son Kartik, Okay Raj? ” She looked at her husband.

They both smiled to each other.

I was in a cross road, the gravest situation I had ever faced, My heart said “Yes” but my mind refused to go forward. I was victorious...

My wife sat watching me admiringly the whole time I drove her home....

P.S: Based on a true story !!

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  1. I loved it ... goodness should always rule the heart, and mind !!!

  2. you have depicted the worth of goodness beautifully in your story ! simple yet striking narration . beautiful :)

  3. If it is real it is really touching.

  4. Wow....Heart Touching...

  5. This is what life is all about,mind always tells you is good for YOU but it is the heart which tells what is RIGHT.. loved it !! :)

  6. Inspiring story! I don't blame the mind for opposing the heart as I think it is talking based on it's past experience. I think a lot of people are scared to help accident victims due to fear of being accused, what a fearful world we're living in. What is great in this story is that the person was able to make the right decision and he made it fast enough to save two people's life.

  7. hi tanya,
    I have nominated you for the popular Liebster Award!!

  8. Hi Tanya,

    You have just been awarded the "Creative Blogger Award"

  9. Loved it Tanya :) u write so well!!

  10. :) beautiful :') every emotion came alive.


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