My First & Last !

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Just out of school, in the big world. I was making my way as an engineer but something came in between. It did diverted me for sometime but later changed in to my biggest strength.
I was in first year college and since the first week I saw him, I wanted to tell him "How much I loved him, for every move he made, for every turn he take, for eyes that were broad as a highway & face that could light up the whole town".... But, as far as my shyness was concerned I never got a chance until that day. I sat in the bus just two seats next to him & the same girl began talking to him, showing off like she was the most beautiful girl in town (bullshit she was not a bit :P).
The very moment I decided that I have to tell him no matter what, more or less he would say "No" :( But still I would have poured my heart out, that was the only thing I could have done at that time. I went straight to my best friend & told her, that I was ready finally, to tell him that I am madly, truly and hopelessly in love with him....
My friend was happy & shocked at the same time, knowing how shy & reserved I was.


So in the lunch break, I stood near his class, his name is Manhar by the way :) I beckoned him to come out, he was busy talking to a guy with some books. He came out & asked me what's the matter.

Me : Can we go down stairs, I want to talk to you.
Him : Oh ! Sure, but is everything fine?

After reaching the end of the corridor, I said hesitatingly
Me: I want to tell you something...
Him : I Know, You like me, Right ?
Me: No, "I LOVE YOU"

And he smiled, Ok ! So let's go towards the front premises, I don't want anyone to make jokes about both of us standing alone.
I was all white, my body was numbed, I don't know how I managed to say that....but I was so proud of myself.

Me: SO, you don't like me na?
Him : Ofcourse I like you, but can't say if I love you now...

My best friend was constantly watching us from the corner of her eyes, she was pretending to read the notice board :)

Him : SO, can we be friends?
Me: Hunn, Ohhk ! But what next, please don't tell anyone...
Him: Trust me I won't, but I want you to share everything with me & be my friend, then maybe I feel the same way as you do.
Me: I some what had the courage to smile at such a grave instance :)
"So, I will leave now"... I said

Him: Bus, itna hi kehna tha?
Me: Hunn

Him : Ohhk, will see you in the bus...

We became the best of friends & after 8 months he confessed that he had fallen head over heels in love with me. :) :) I could not imagine any thing happening between us, but he said the following lines to me on 16th march 2009...

"I haven't seen anyone as innocent as you. I thought probably I will never get married, as I thought I would not be able to love anyone ever, but when I met you & got to know you, I am cent percent sure that I would love to spend my entire life with you. I will surely marry you, but you have to give me some time, so that I could land up in a nice job & we could live happily"

Me: I smiled & said I Love you too ( Oh! after 8 months I told him that again, it felt so good :) )
I just need you beside me,to spend my entire life happily, even if we don't have enough money I would never complain, or never make a fuss. Will always be there for you.

It's been 3 lovely year since the time we are together :) Will be getting married in two years or so :) :)

;) That's was my first & last time I said those 3 magical words to anyone out of my family No, but he would be my family in some time, He is ! If you ask me :) We are one !


Thanks for  reading :) ;)

P.S: Since the V day is round the corner, I would like to say "Every Day is a Valentine Day, Please be my Valentine 24*7, 365 days, every year till I die, even after that !"

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  1. This is so sweet ... a beautiful love story ... all the best :-)

  2. So sweeetttt :) Smiling to read such a cute and real love story :) Just wondering, after telling 'I Love You' to him, can one think you as still shy? :P Kiddin, I can understand what you meant by that! :) Wish you all happy and lovey-dovey future :)

    1. Hehe yes, I can understand the doubt, but if you would have known me you would have very well figured out what I meant :) I never thought I would initiate the "Love" thing, but something in me compelled my heart to not let go... :) But I am really proud of doing that :) Thanks for reading !

  3. This is awesomely sweet Tani...When I saw your comment in WOW's section, I was sure that it has to be your story...and I was right...God bless you dear, have a happy prosper and love filled life...

    P.S. The story was as innocent, pure and lovely as your love... Keep Smiling... :)

    1. Nice to see you Ayushi :) Thanks for reading buddy. Your wishes mean a lot to me friend, thanks a ton !:) :) Take care !

  4. All my bestest wishes for u marriage to be happening shortly. N all i know is u ll strike gold with that. All d best Tanya

    1. Thanks for making that statement Neo. Yeah! I have already found the treasure trove, marriage would help me possess the gold, ;) :D Haha just kidding, thanks a zillion friend. :) Thanks for reading !

  5. This is so sweet and intriguing! I could feel the strong emotion embedded in your post as I read along and I was quite worried of what would happen next, and fortunately it moved towards happy ending although it took him 8 months to say it. I'm sure that he is a person who takes things seriously when it comes to important matters in life. He did not rush his decision but gave himself ample time to know you better. I was also glad that you finally found the courage to say it to him and thanks to the "same girl" who unintentionally put the pressure on you:)
    I'm truly happy for both of you, and the love story behind the relationship is beautiful indeed!

    1. Ohh thanks a lot for your wishes my friend. I am really happy that you liked my "Love STory" :D Yeah, he the kind of guy who takes in proper pain before any commitment. Actually he did not believed in love before meeting me due to some reason so, was a bit scared (I would say), before actually jumping into it :D :D Thanks for such a beautiful comment !:)

  6. this one was a mix of fun, love, strong emotions blended together in a nicely woven story. Liked it :)

    1. Welcome to "Coveted Dreams" Saurabh :) Thanks for reading the post! Keep visiting :) The comment means a lot :D

  7. Lovely post Tanya.....HAppy V day in advance....

    1. Thank you Janika, same to you dear ! :)

  8. WOW! You are so romantic and courageous to have confessed your love. I am inspired.
    The look of your blog is very elegant.
    Following you.
    Please do have a quick peek on my blog if you get chance.

    1. Welcome to "Coveted Dreams" dear Dhara. Glad you liked the post & my courage to commit the inevitable :) There are times in life when we really have to do things out of our comfort zone & reserved nature, so that was one such step & I am proud to have made that !

  9. AAh!! So sweet....I smiled throughout....
    No Doubt you won the WOW contest... Congrats for both-the WOW and your beautiful love-story :)

    1. Welcome to "Coveted Dreams" Priyaa :) Thanks for your wishes, just heading to your blog :) keep visiting !

  10. written from the heart tanya . Very emotive :) congrats on the wow badge !

  11. luckily i hopped into your blog! lovely love story,my best wishes are with you!nothing in this world can replace the feeling and pleasure of being loved by the one you love and spend your entire life with the same. good luck!


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