Filling the Void...

I wished I had a friend, back when I was a toddler & had very few friends, don't know whether it was because of the way I think, or the way I perceived others did not fit the bill :D Oh ! Jesus... If only I had a companion who could listen to me & accepted me the way I was.
I entered 6th grade & brightened up, looking forward to the English Class, the lady teacher loved me as the best kid (I can't figure out still, but I loved the attention). I scribbled during the boring lectures & then made my way towards writing little sections in the school magazine. Climbed up the ladder, with more articles & short stories written during college & getting them published across the web...
Noticing my love for writing I hosted the much needed personal avenue , "Coveted Dreams" (Initially known as "Life's Great !") :)
@ Tanya Sehgal
Accolades came & I found a path breaking journey in to the writing world. I know I need to go a long way, take jumping leaps into being a passionate writer but at least I am doing what I love the most !! Writing.... These stepping stones had filled the gaps in life, been my best friend all along the journey from a toddler to an adolescent , to being an adult. I have pen down various secrets & perceptions to heck lot of moods that made the string rock in my head.

 "Writing to me " is a part of my ailing self, the jolly girl next door
The lady all blue & red :), who fixes all dilemmas through the pen
Who was hesitant once, but the silver armor provided her the courage to fight all odds
And hug the best bet possible
My very first love, will remain with the soul till my last
I owe you a lot because to made my world turn upside down (in the cutest sense possible)...

P.S: I am thankful to all my lovely readers for standing with me, in times of crisis & joy... Some off the bloggers have been my perfect friends... Glad I started blogging & entered the coolest path for redemption, recovering my true self :) ;) Take care Folks !!

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  1. A tribute to writing ... you have described the journey beautifully ... may we read more of your words :-)

  2. How beautifully you have described your journey. Awesome.


  3. the post about writing is written so beautifully. loved the read :)

  4. It is always a pleasure to read your blog... Though it has been a long time I came here(blogger), just to read your blog... Wahhh... keep going, long way to go friend...
    Happy Blogging Tanya...!!!


  5. lovely, awesome, fabulous , amazing. and thank you
    from Bad Day

  6. Hi Tanya

    I find myself somewhere in your words quoted at the end. A lovely post I could link myself to. Thanks.
    Silly smiles...Take you miles :)

  7. Happy Blogging Tanya....

  8. How interesting! I used to be like that when I was little not so many friends, only my imagination to take me to wonderful places and adventures. I wrote so many stories (of course not in a great way) as well I still do it but I like to write them in the old school way pen and notebook.
    I love reading your posts! You know how to write well and I really enjoy them! :)

  9. What is great than to do what you love most and to be accompanied and appreciated sincerely by blogging friends. This is quite a touching post, Tanya. It's always nice to learn more about you, my friend.


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