The Heart Sings...

Far in the woods
I wish I could be at peace
the heart all stable and the mind not wandering
free from the hustle and bustle of routine

Where I could go cycling and walk all evening
where there's no one to worry about 
just my charm in the making
the time might come when I am old and worn out

Still would look forward to each day
I glorify those moments where my heart would sing & say :

The sun's got a tingy red & the moon's all white
I wish to swim in the ocean & dive in the linger of the sky
Wispering to the clouds shadow & making way for a night full of wine
Wine would not be liquor :) but would end up being intoxicated
of senses & peace in lost back time
remembering of past memories and calmness
would live old days of remembrance and love
my heart would then sing :

Life's gonna end soon as you have laid a beautiful life
with loved one's and seeding emotions 
sugary memoirs and salty feels
of tough starts and rough endings
I treasure each day like a son
I wish him luck and all in my guts
I love you always Oh ! My Heart would sing
Yes ! I was the one who fell in true love :)
Oh !! Yeah That means I lived on a beautiful life

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